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Skyr Muffins

These muffins were originally meant to be a cake, but laziness won over, once again. The reason for baking at all was that I wanted to try a new ingredient, and I wanted… Continue reading

Marinated Manchego & Burrata

In this heat wave we’re currently having, I didn’t feel much like cooking all week – except for the day when we had 32ºC and I thought I had to make lasagne… pure… Continue reading

Cucumber & Lemon Rickey

I sat sipping this refreshing drink on my balcony earlier this evening, then jumped up – as I tend to do when my brain shouts photo! – and grabbed the camera. Two years… Continue reading

Asparagus Linguine with Steak Strips in Lime Butter Sauce

Last week before I left the office I was a little stuck for what to cook. Also Whitsuntide lay ahead and I hadn’t even thought of food shopping yet. So I asked the… Continue reading

Tagliatelle with Baby Lima Beans & Buffalo Mozzarella

Have you experienced this dilemma: Do I cook pasta or potatoes? Then all of a sudden the little devil on your shoulder says: “Why don’t you have both?” The little angel on your… Continue reading

Beer & Lime Waffles with Chilli Pork Chops

I’ve been wanting to buy a waffle iron for ages, specifically one for Belgian waffles as I like their square shape better than the round version. The good thing about the internet is… Continue reading

Grapefruit & Lime Posset

Remember when I did this cookery course in the UK in September last year? I promised I’d be making all the stuff we learned there, but so far I’ve only made six of… Continue reading

Lime Tart

Little things can make me very happy. And what are little things to other people are sometimes really big for me. Like this new tart tin I have. I’ve been looking for a… Continue reading

Lime Crêpe & Chocolate-Chilli-Ganache Lasagne

It’s gotten reaaaaally cold here this last week, winter has finally arrived. From too mild for winter to make-your-nose-burn-and-freeze-your-ears-off cold in a couple of days. Which made me want to cook thick soups… Continue reading

Rosemary Almonds

These should by rights be called Rosemary, Chili & Lime Almonds. But I’ll only call them that after I’ve improved the recipe. And from this statement, I guess you can gather that they’re… Continue reading

Summer Fruit with Lime Syrup

Last Monday my three-week summer vacation started. No big plans to go anywhere, visiting my sister didn’t work out after all due to her work schedule, and the only thing I was going… Continue reading

Coconut, Basil & Lime Pralines

Last weekend, the friends with whom I attended the Praline Workshop back in November 2010 and myself decided to apply our knowledge and make some pralines.  As in the workshop, each of us… Continue reading