Skyr Muffins

These muffins were originally meant to be a cake, but laziness won over, once again. The reason for baking at all was that I wanted to try a new ingredient, and I wanted… Continue reading

Garlic Mushrooms In White Wine

I think I’ve mentioned here before that sometimes I’m not entirely happy with the choice of mushrooms we get here in the shops in Germany. There’s either your basic white or brown mushroom,… Continue reading

Parsley Paste

Remember that Oils & Salts evening class I wrote about in March? Well, I realised months later that I had forgotten to mention one other thing we made – parsley paste. If you… Continue reading

Marinated Manchego & Burrata

In this heat wave we’re currently having, I didn’t feel much like cooking all week – except for the day when we had 32ºC and I thought I had to make lasagne… pure… Continue reading

White Russian Panna Cotta

I used  to love White Russian cocktails, but haven’t had one for almost seven years, because… *ahem*… I think that the cream in the fifth one had gone off 😂 . During my… Continue reading

The Lazy Cook’s Breakfast, Lunch Or Dinner

We’re having fantastic summery weather and temperatures here in Southern Germany, which means great light for most of the day for food photography. I’ve been waiting for these spring and summer months all… Continue reading

Potato & Pea Salad with Gruyère & Mint Dressing

  Hello on this quiet and mixed-weather Whitsun weekend. I hardly dare say it, but I’ve been on sick leave last week, again, for the third time this year. I was looking forward… Continue reading

Spring Salad with Strawberry Vinaigrette

Reading a recipe using raspberries and goats cheese the other day, a slightly different vision popped into my head – strawberries and halloumi cheese. These were quickly joined by white asparagus tips, some… Continue reading

Orzo & Sun-dried Tomato Salad

The other week I was in the UK and as usual got most of my lunches and dinners at Marks & Spencer’s foodhall. I only visit the UK about once a year, and… Continue reading

Buffalo Camembert & Pear Tarts

I had been meaning to make a sweet puff pastry pear tart last month but never got around to it. As the puff pastry was still sitting in my fridge, I wanted to… Continue reading

Wild Garlic Pancakes with White Asparagus & Homemade Hollandaise Sauce

It’s a bit of food heaven here in Germany right now as both wild garlic and white asparagus are in season. I know the latter isn’t as popular in other countries as it… Continue reading

Happy Easter