Food Photo Day

Similar to the Blood Orange Buttermilk Drink I made in February, I’ve tried different seasonal versions, among them blackcurrant buttermilk. I only used about 150 g for just the one beaker, and that… Continue reading


About twice a year I get a craving for Wurstsalat. If you haven’t heard of Wurstsalat before – it’s maybe not what you’d think on seeing the word Wurst. Literally translated it would… Continue reading

Welcome To My Dinner Table – Part 16

The Occasion Last Saturday I finallyΒ  had my friends – whom I call the usual suspects – over for another Italian dinner. The first one was in June last year, and the occasion… Continue reading

Passion Fruit Ice Cream

As you probably gathered from the lack of food posts these past couple of weeks, I’m still not much in the mood for cooking. However, last night I had friends over for dinner… Continue reading

Food Photo Day

While my parents are my main providers of garden-fresh string beans during the summer season, unfortunately I have to buy peas at the market. I love sitting on the balcony in the evening,… Continue reading

Food Photo Day

I had bought a galia and a cantaloupe melon and only realised on opening the fridge that there still were half of each type in there… So I used a melon baller on… Continue reading

Meat Stuffed Green Mini Peppers On Sugar & Thyme Roasted Tomatoes

I saw these Turkish mini peppers at the greengrocer’s this week and bought them without really knowing what I wanted to make with them. After making vegetarian stuffed mini peppers last year, I… Continue reading

Food Photo Day

I’m currently doing an Ingredients series on my photo blog, and as I usually take way more pictures than I have use for, I thought I might do something similar here every now… Continue reading

Mixed Beets & Salsiccia Pasta

Those mixed beets I used for making pizza last week really did it for me. I got another bunch at this week’s market to use with pasta. I knew I’d be dicing them… Continue reading

Living – Calm & Cool

Calm and cool is definitely necessary in this current heatwave and luckily is easy to achieve with some homemade frozen strawberry yogurt… What are you keeping calm & cool with?

Beet Pizza

This week I went to the Friday market with no particular plan on what to get. I passed by a stall, saw something yellow out of the corner of my eye and doubled… Continue reading

Charred Snap Peas & Mint Aioli

Exactly a year ago I was on vacation in the US. At one of our visits to a local restaurant I had charred snap peas with mint aioli as a starter and had… Continue reading