Food Photo Day

Although I’ve baked with passion fruit before, this last summer I got really hooked on the little ugly things; the reason is this drink named New Blossom  that I found on Jamie Oliver’s… Continue reading

Wild Garlic Oil

My favourite German Magazine Living At Home published a special edition with their most popular as well as new recipes. Since I stopped buying cookbooks, I also stopped buying food magazines. I only… Continue reading

Fruity Chicken Salad

Earlier this week I went to a different branch of my favourite supermarket chain and saw violet mangetout for the first time. I was intrigued, took a quick look and went on. Then… Continue reading

Grilled Vegetable Pasta Salad

The other week when I strolled through the market seeing all the vegetables I got a craving for a salad that a friend’s husband used to make for us. Don’t get fooled by… Continue reading

Food Fails

I browsed through my food pic archive the other day wondering – as you often do – why I didn’t delete something I thought I’d never use anyway. So I happened upon seven… Continue reading

Wild Garlic Gnocchi

These past few years, I’ve used wild garlic – also known as bear’s garlic – quite a bit. My first try was a pesto, and that turned out so well I make it… Continue reading

Brown Ale Pulled Pork Chilli

Last year I made oven pulled pork for the second time. The first time I used The Pioneer Woman’s recipe for Dr Pepper Pulled Pork. It was really good, but in the back… Continue reading

Swabian Cuisine – Yeast Plait {Hefezopf}

Hello, I hope you’ve had pleasant Easter holidays! I’ve had a relaxing four days off, and I’ve also had an ambitious list of things to cook and bake during that time. Of the… Continue reading

Living – Tiny Bowls & Unusual Pepper

  The other week I bought two very small bowls, probably too small for tapas but nice for salt and pepper to put on the dinner table. I had just received a small… Continue reading

Bread Dumplings {Semmelknödel}

Hello again after a few weeks of laziness and no proper cooking! The other week I saw this recipe for Czechoslovakian bread dumplings at Chef Mimi’s. I was lucky enough to try these… Continue reading

Living – The Black & White Collection

Over the last few years, I’ve accumulated quite a few small plates. It started out with one or two per year, solely for blogging purposes because a single plate will often do in… Continue reading

Pork Fillets In Creamy Mushroom Sauce With Minty Potatoes

My diet these first months of the year has been a more balanced one than at the end of last year, a good mix of salads and “proper” food. I always eat lots… Continue reading