Food Photo Day

I had bought a galia and a cantaloupe melon and only realised on opening the fridge that there still were half of each type in there… So I used a melon baller on… Continue reading

Meat Stuffed Green Mini Peppers On Sugar & Thyme Roasted Tomatoes

I saw these Turkish mini peppers at the greengrocer’s this week and bought them without really knowing what I wanted to make with them. After making vegetarian stuffed mini peppers last year, I… Continue reading

Food Photo Day

I’m currently doing an Ingredients series on my photo blog, and as I usually take way more pictures than I have use for, I thought I might do something similar here every now… Continue reading

Mixed Beets & Salsiccia Pasta

Those mixed beets I used for making pizza last week really did it for me. I got another bunch at this week’s market to use with pasta. I knew I’d be dicing them… Continue reading

Living – Calm & Cool

Calm and cool is definitely necessary in this current heatwave and luckily is easy to achieve with some homemade frozen strawberry yogurt… What are you keeping calm & cool with?

Beet Pizza

This week I went to the Friday market with no particular plan on what to get. I passed by a stall, saw something yellow out of the corner of my eye and doubled… Continue reading

Charred Snap Peas & Mint Aioli

Exactly a year ago I was on vacation in the US. At one of our visits to a local restaurant I had charred snap peas with mint aioli as a starter and had… Continue reading

Living – Little Food Mishaps

The other week at my friend’s birthday party I went at a pomegranate using the wooden spoon method to get the kernels out; I’m sure you know the method – holding a pomegranate… Continue reading

Apricot Chutney

The other week I communicated with Johnny from Kitsch n Flavours about his apricot & chamomile tart, which gave me the idea to make apricot chutney. Originally I wanted to make apricot &… Continue reading

Welcome To My Dinner Table – Part 15

Two weekends ago I finally had friends over for my birthday dinner. My birthday was in April, but with some of us travelling we couldn’t get together any earlier. I had planned a… Continue reading

Beetroot Gnocchi with Pistachio & Mint Pesto

Last week I had friends over for dinner and had intended to make a beetroot side dish. In the end I decided against it so I had lots of beets sitting in my… Continue reading

Living – The Wine Rack

As reported last week, the kitchen is spick and span after the decluttering and cleaning. The last thing I did was take a good look at the wine rack. Although for space reasons… Continue reading