Herbs – who needs them?

I do.  I love them fresh, and every spring I look forward to growing new ones from seeds.  It’s fun and exciting to sow the seeds, check the earth every other day to… Continue reading

No risk, no fun

My dinner motto is usually “no risk, no fun”. The reason for this motto is that I have quite a vast recipe collection, and I don’t keep that just for fun.  I want… Continue reading

Not what I expected

So I finally published my blog last night – but I am in no way satisfied with it.  I let myself be persuaded by a friend to finally do it – go on,… Continue reading

Welcome to my dinner table!

Hello there, and thank you for joining me at my dinner table… or my first blog post…  I love cooking for friends (and family, but I rarely do…), creating menus, thinking up table… Continue reading