“The Art Of Food Stories” {Food Photography Workshop}

Last Sunday I attended a food photography workshop held by Rachel Korinek of Two Loves Studio [@twolovesstudio] and Bea Lubas of Bea’s Cookbook [@bealubas]. I’ve admired Rachel’s photography and her style for a… Continue reading

Oven Roasted Tomatoes

Today’s post is a canned one – when you read this, I’ll actually be in London at a food photography workshop. I might even tell you about it when I return 😉 I… Continue reading

Simple Cherry Cake

My very first job was with the Civil Engineering Office in my hometown. It was a time when young women were secretaries rather than engineers, and the office was very male dominated. It… Continue reading

Beetroot Waffles with Asparagus

With great pleasure I realised at the Friday market that white asparagus season has started here in Germany. My favourite stall sells miniature stalks, both white and green, so I bought both. White… Continue reading

Caprese Chicken

Hope you’ve all had relaxing Easter holidays. Here in Germany Easter Monday is a holiday, too, so I’m off work today. As with Christmas, I don’t fancy having two or three family lunches… Continue reading

Happy Easter

Mini Onion Pancakes

When I don’t have any ideas for weekend cooking, I often consult my blogs to see what I could make again. In this case, I consulted my German blog and remembered that I’d… Continue reading

Roasted Vegetable Nests With Egg

No one can accuse me of not eating my greens or not eating enough vegetables in general. I like looking at what the people in front and behind of me at the supermarket… Continue reading

Spicy Vegetable Soup With Croutons

Welcome to my post about old people’s food. Just kidding! Let me explain. A week ago I had dental surgery, a tooth extraction, to be exact, and that was a little scary for… Continue reading

Living – Homemade Body Care Products

Strangely, I often forget that this blog’s byline is Thoughts on cooking, eating and living. Probably because I am quite fixated on the cooking and eating part. I’m also not really sure anyone has… Continue reading

Herb & Lemon Roasted Carrots On Wheat

At the Friday market yesterday I browsed but had no idea what I wanted to buy as I hadn’t yet made any plans for my weekend cooking. A friend had asked me if… Continue reading

Chai Waffles with Blood Orange Chai Syrup

Seems like I’m starting this blogging year off like I ended the last – with something sweet. Outside of the blogging world, though, apart from two batches of cinnamon rolls, I’ve cooked only… Continue reading