Thai Style Salad

I like salad.  So what, you’ll probably say.  The strange thing is, I like eating salad when I go out, and I like preparing salad when I’m at home, but then I won’t… Continue reading

Resistance is futile!

This healthy lifestyle I wanted to get back to – I stuck to it.  Have been eating very healthy food for the last two weeks.  But I decided that total resistance towards sweets… Continue reading

The Road Back To Healthy

Fun as it was to bake all the things I did over the last few months, I need to get back to more healthy eating.  That was the first thing that came to… Continue reading

Dinner for 4

Last night was the very informal School Photo Dinner night.  Three of my friends I know from school brought pictures from way back then, and we reminisced about the old times, and how… Continue reading

The Lemon Bar Project

And here are the results of the lemon bar jury – no, let’s start at the beginning.  As I mentioned yesterday, I had a whole day to myself, and one of my projects… Continue reading

Herb & House Update

Today’s just an update of various things.  First, the painting of the house is almost done.  The front is finished, which means I was able to take possession of the balcony again.  Of… Continue reading

Counting the cookbooks, or how to laze away an afternoon

The other day I read a post on Edinburgh Foody about the amount of cookbooks you own, and that you don’t really use all of them.  On reflection, I realised I rarely use… Continue reading

Like A Sugar In A Plum

I have quite a few nice colleagues who I’m also friends with.  We meet in the coffee corner at work twice a day, morning and afternoon.  We talk about everything, serious stuff, funny… Continue reading

Slice of lemon, no ice

That’s how I’d order my martini.  But I’m not in a bar, I’m just out of the kitchen where I made lemon vanilla marmalade.   I had three unpleasant days in a row –… Continue reading

Patience is a virtue

Only I wasn’t patient, was I…  If you’ve been here before, you’ll know that I was quite impatient and couldn’t wait for the tomatoes in my parents’ garden to get green.  That’s why… Continue reading

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen

Ever since I returned from the UK I’ve been craving cheese and relish or chutney sandwiches.  I had some Branston pickle left and kept making Le Montagnard cheese and Branston pickle sandwiches.  Then… Continue reading

Herbal Remedy

Us women, we all know that ice cream can remedy many a woe or sorrow.  Not that I have any (right now), but if you do, try some herb ice cream! My colleague… Continue reading