Herbal Remedy

Us women, we all know that ice cream can remedy many a woe or sorrow.  Not that I have any (right now), but if you do, try some herb ice cream! My colleague… Continue reading

Weight Watching & Food Blogging

Until the beginning of this week, I hadn’t really thought about this.  When I started this blog, I was no longer officially a member of a weight loss programme.  I was still taking… Continue reading

Getting Back In The Saddle

…or rather in the kitchen. It wasn’t until I was about 18 years old that I started experimenting in the kitchen.  By experimenting I don’t mean trying to cook some exciting, frivolous stuff,… Continue reading

The Thing That Should Not Be

There’s actually two things that should not be.  Not referring to the Metallica song here, but to the things going on in this house(hold). First the house.  The colour yellow that I ranted… Continue reading

The Colour Yellow

Yesterday morning when I left for work, I overheard the painters talking about which of the three colours were going on which parts of our house.  Hang on – three colours?!  I live… Continue reading

Summer Pasta Salad

I leafed through Gala, a gossip magazine, the other day at my friend’s and found this really quick and refreshing pasta dish.  I had just jotted down the sauce ingredients before I left,… Continue reading

Jam Accessories

Don’t worry, I’m done with making jam – until the weekend, at least.  This is about the accessories for after jam making. In spring – way before jam making season – I found… Continue reading


Strawberries.  Again.  Maybe I should be calling this a FRUIT blog :-). My leftover strawberries – I had ambitions for them!  I wanted to experiment with different cake shapes – a larger one,… Continue reading

Lady Marmalade

So, day 2 of the jam session.  Today it was Strawberry & Mango Jam with Ginger, also from Living at Home magazine. A very easy recipe, cutting the fruit and grating the ginger… Continue reading

Strawberry Fields

No, I’m not a Beatles fan – just in a strawberry haze.  I went to the market on Friday to buy fruit for different jams I intend to make over the next week,… Continue reading

Photo Mania

When I started this blog, my intention was to accompany posts – especially food posts – by some nice pics.  My ambition was not to have perfect pictures, because I know most of… Continue reading

Lazy days…

… or in my case, rather lazy years.  But I’d better start at the beginning.  Approximately 1½  years ago, I suddenly developed this mad craving for Italian sweets.  I can’t remember ever having… Continue reading