Blood Orange Panna Cotta with Caramelised Oranges

I’ve gotten over the coconut, but obviously I’m still into blood oranges.  I had some freshly pressed juice left over and was searching my brain for ways to use it up.  I can… Continue reading

Coconut & Passion Fruit Squares

Another coconut one?  Yes, but it’ll be the last one with a coconut theme for a while, I promise.  This one only came about because I had so much coconut milk left over… Continue reading

Coconut, Basil & Lime Pralines

Last weekend, the friends with whom I attended the Praline Workshop back in November 2010 and myself decided to apply our knowledge and make some pralines.  As in the workshop, each of us… Continue reading

Coconut & Lime Ice Cream

I know, not really the season, is it?  Unless you live in Southern spheres, maybe. But ever since I made that Margarita Ice Cream last year, I’ve been meaning to make it again. … Continue reading

Pink Grapefruit & Mint Marmalade

Here’s another childhood food story.  While making Blood Orange & Vanilla Marmalade last week, I was wondering what other seasonal fruit I’d like to make jam of.  I didn’t have to think long… Continue reading

Blood Orange & Vanilla Marmalade

As a kid you wouldn’t get me to eat blood oranges.  The word blood was so off-putting I didn’t even want to look at the things.  Nowadays I love them.  Last year I… Continue reading

Winter Salad with Apple & Cranberry Dressing

Dinner for four last night.  Food turned out really well, but the circumstances that got us to a great evening weren’t very helpful.  And I’d like to apologise straight away for the sorry… Continue reading

Glühwein – Mulled Wine

What an absolutely beautiful day we had today, just like you wish every winter day was – snow still piled high outside, not too cold, sun shining brightly.  Quite a fitting day to… Continue reading

Out With The Old, In With The New

I’m not referring to tomorrow being New Year’s Eve.  Shortly before Christmas I was finally completely fed up with my dining chair covers.  At some point during the last two years they’d acquired… Continue reading

Oven Baked Pork Fillets with Onion & Mustard Topping

The family came for lunch today, so I tried to impress them.  It worked 🙂 .   I pulled out all the stops with the visuals, too, using my grandmother’s flatware and silver cutlery.… Continue reading

Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful…

…actually it isn’t, not yet.  It’s been snowing since this morning, everything is coated in white, it looks just beautiful.  The frightful bit will come tomorrow, when the roads aren’t cleared and will… Continue reading

Sour Cream Cookies

The last of the Christmas baking is done.  These sour cream cookies are from another recipe I found in some magazine or other, and I’ve been making them for a couple of years… Continue reading