Brandy Truffles

Over the past few years I’ve often thought back to the rum truffles I used to make. The recipe was given to me by a girl I did my apprenticeship with, and I… Continue reading

Shoestring Onions

During my US vacation my friends and I shared onion rings quite a few times; I realised this is something that you don’t really get over here unless it’s at a big burger… Continue reading

Pickling {An Experiment}

Hello & welcome back. A week ago Sunday I returned from my three-week US vacation. I spent a week in Maine and two weeks in Massachusetts, and I enjoyed it immensely. When I… Continue reading

Hot Sauce {First Attempt}

Remember my Grilled Vegetables & Tofu Salad from a few weeks ago? I mentioned that I’ve been marinating my veg and tofu in a hot sauce that a Chinese colleague made. She’d only… Continue reading

Caraway & Linseed Wholegrain Rye Bread {Fail}

I’ve only made bread twice since the 2017 wood-burning oven bread course, probably because I can never get through a whole loaf before it starts getting mouldy, as I don’t eat bread every… Continue reading

Rhubarb Cake {Rhabarberkuchen}

I’ve been tempted by rhubarb at the market these past few weeks, but I resisted because nothing immediately sprang to mind that I wanted to make with rhubarb. After my last few baking… Continue reading

Grilled Vegetables & Tofu Salad

These past three months I have been eating salad like there was no tomorrow. Maybe you remember me saying here before that I love eating salads when I eat out, and I love… Continue reading

German Blog Revival

Just a quick note – if you speak German, pop over to my German blog Kiki’s Küchenleben, which I decided to revive earlier this week after a two year absence. The reason I… Continue reading

Strawberry & Skyr Cakes {Experiment}

Last night I decided to do some experimental baking, making little cakes to take to the Mother’s Day coffee meet at my parents’. I used an oil batter recipe that I had used… Continue reading

Strawberry Mini Madeleines

I’ve eaten so many vegetables and so much fruit these past two months that I thought it was time for a sweet treat. On opening one of my kitchen cupboards the mini madeleines… Continue reading

“The Art Of Food Stories” {Food Photography Workshop}

Last Sunday I attended a food photography workshop held by Rachel Korinek of Two Loves Studio [@twolovesstudio] and Bea Lubas of Bea’s Cookbook [@bealubas]. I’ve admired Rachel’s photography and her style for a… Continue reading

Oven Roasted Tomatoes

Today’s post is a canned one – when you read this, I’ll actually be in London at a food photography workshop. I might even tell you about it when I return 😉 I… Continue reading