Cucumber & Lemon Rickey

I sat sipping this refreshing drink on my balcony earlier this evening, then jumped up – as I tend to do when my brain shouts photo! – and grabbed the camera. Two years… Continue reading

Roasted Tomatoes On Cream Cheese & Soft Rustic Bread

Yesterday at lunch time I bought a small crate of cocktail tomatoes at a wholesaler’s, and on the way home from work I stopped to get bread. I had a vision of something… Continue reading

Passion Fruit Panna Cotta

I think you all know by now how much I love panna cotta. Some of you might also know that I’ve been running a German food blog in parallel to this one for… Continue reading

Pear, Ginger & Chocolate Crumble

Last weekend, after five weeks of “eating sensibly” and no sweets, I suddenly craved a crumble like mad. I wanted to use up the pears I’d forgotten in the fridge but they were… Continue reading

Asparagus & Steak Potato Cakes

While surfing food sites on Friday afternoon, I came across this guy making hash browns. His method was to grate a thin layer of potatoes straight into a frying pan of sizzling butter.… Continue reading

Minted Pea & Pork Pasta

At the market yesterday I bought fresh peas, and this afternoon I sat at my dinner table shelling them, listening to the rain falling onto the tin bits of the roof. Quite relaxing.… Continue reading

Mini Rhubarb Pancakes

WordPress reminded me this past Wednesday, 25 May that it was my blogging anniversary – 6 years of blogging, who would have thought!? Time flies when you’re having fun. And while these days… Continue reading

Balsamic Mushroom Paste

Yesterday morning the word mushroom paste popped up in a book I was reading. No recipe, just the mention of a chef being in the process of making mushroom paste. This got me… Continue reading

Bulgur Salad

Remember the bulgur salad I mentiond in one my Food Photo Day posts? I went to the market to get the ingredients this morning, and here it is. We’re having a fantastically beautiful… Continue reading

Food Photo Day

Although I’ve baked with passion fruit before, this last summer I got really hooked on the little ugly things; the reason is this drink named New Blossom  that I found on Jamie Oliver’s… Continue reading

Wild Garlic Oil

My favourite German Magazine Living At Home published a special edition with their most popular as well as new recipes. Since I stopped buying cookbooks, I also stopped buying food magazines. I only… Continue reading

Fruity Chicken Salad

Earlier this week I went to a different branch of my favourite supermarket chain and saw violet mangetout for the first time. I was intrigued, took a quick look and went on. Then… Continue reading