Food Photo Day

Earlier this year I discovered a vendor at our Friday market who sells bunches of mixed beets. Before, I was only familiar with red and yellow beets but these bunches also contained white… Continue reading

Flowers For WordPress

When my stats suddenly spike and it’s not due to the latest post I get suspicious. I go check the referrer section in WordPress but this time the referrer was the WP Reader,… Continue reading

Mixed Beet Soup

I finally managed to get to the market early enough to get another bunch of mixed beets; this one didn’t have any red ones in it, just the white, pink and yellow. Which… Continue reading

“Fitness” Cookies

I deliberately put fitness in quotes, because I’m definitely not claiming that these cookies will make you fit. Overindulgence might make you want to run to the nearest fitness center, though . This… Continue reading

Apple, Marzipan & Walnut Pies

Two little pies is what I have for you today, quickly cobbled together because I received a bag of apples from a friend with the comment that they were better for baking than… Continue reading

Halloween Macarons

OK, so I could have posted this yesterday but admittedly I simply forgot! Just wanted to show you a test batch of Halloween macarons I made the other week because I was asked… Continue reading

Spicy Sabzi Salad

So I’m back sooner than I thought I would be, even though I’m not through with my photography experiments, nor have I found (my personal) perfection in picture taking (yet). The reason for… Continue reading

Food Props – Spoons

After the prop paradise at the food photography workshop I decided to take inventory of what I have at home. Remember when I showed you an assortment of little bowls in my Living… Continue reading

Food Photo Day

Although summer’s over, I still see these mini peppers in the shops. They make for great starters or party buffet items and can be filled to your liking. Among the fillings I’ve tried… Continue reading

I’m back, but…

…not really. Let me explain. Information is currently spinning in my head, and here’s why: I’ve had a great and busy vacation, and now there’s lots to process, which will take time. My… Continue reading

Quinoa & Black Bean Chilli

The last two weeks were the kind I’d like to forget quickly. We have a very iffy air conditioning at work and I’d been sitting in a draught for two weeks suffering from… Continue reading

Food Photo Day

Last weekend I went to a place I don’t usually frequent – it’s a place that sells unique items for around the house like unusual office stuff, kitchen gadgets, and specialty food items.… Continue reading