Cherry Cake Muffins with Lemongrass Scented Cream

A friend of mine gave me this cherry cake recipe what seems like aeons ago.  And the other day I noticed I hadn’t made this cake in aeons.  When you see such fabulous… Continue reading

Blood Orange & Campari Ice Cream

As you might have gathered from previous posts, I have quite a liking for blood oranges.  (And I promise this will be the last you’ll hear of blood oranges from me for a… Continue reading

Chai Tea Infused Hot Chocolate On A Stick

The weather has improved over the last two weeks, and it’s been sunny every day, even though it’s still coldish because of the wind, and definitely nippy come late afternoon.  And where there… Continue reading

Pumpkin Ravioli with Vanilla Butter

Before I start this post properly, let me just say something – I’m speechless.  Although shell-shocked would be more appropriate.  When I logged out of this site on Thursday evening, everything was  normal. … Continue reading

Muesli Bars

There are a few food items you read about over and over again.  Like macarons.  I can meanwhile understand the obsession with macarons, because I’ve tried some.  Shop-bought – I couldn’t be bothered… Continue reading

A little announcement

A quick info for everyone who speaks German:  I have just started a new (parallel) blog today!  This one will be German language only, as some friends have asked when I told them… Continue reading

Violet Carrot Mini Quiches

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has a couple of dishes that make a regular appearance at birthdays, parties, bring-alongs…  Mine is leek quiche.  Funnily, I’m not a real fan of… Continue reading

Measurements & Conversions

Just a quick note that I’ve added Measurement Conversion links to the right column. This weekend, while baking and cooking, I found myself using both my German scales and my American measuring cups; … Continue reading

Blood Orange Panna Cotta with Caramelised Oranges

I’ve gotten over the coconut, but obviously I’m still into blood oranges.  I had some freshly pressed juice left over and was searching my brain for ways to use it up.  I can… Continue reading

Coconut & Passion Fruit Squares

Another coconut one?  Yes, but it’ll be the last one with a coconut theme for a while, I promise.  This one only came about because I had so much coconut milk left over… Continue reading

Coconut, Basil & Lime Pralines

Last weekend, the friends with whom I attended the Praline Workshop back in November 2010 and myself decided to apply our knowledge and make some pralines.  As in the workshop, each of us… Continue reading

Coconut & Lime Ice Cream

I know, not really the season, is it?  Unless you live in Southern spheres, maybe. But ever since I made that Margarita Ice Cream last year, I’ve been meaning to make it again. … Continue reading