Pumpkin Soup with Spiced Cream

Last week I bought a small Hokkaido pumpkin with no particular dish or recipe in mind.  Just liked the look and size of it, small enough not to feed a whole army, so… Continue reading

Cranberry & Pear Crumble

It’s been about a week since I realised my eating habits have gone into a bit of a decline (again).  Someone told me it’s due to the weather and the cold setting in.… Continue reading

Holding On To Summer

Last week was really busy and hectic at work.  So cooking for guests again last night was very nice and relaxing.  I had a choice of two desserts to make and couldn’t decide… Continue reading

Home Sweet Home

Just a quick post to report back from Orlando. What can I say – it was great!  Both the people I went with and the ones I met there were great fun, the… Continue reading

Goodbye Rain, Hello Sun!

This Friday I’ll be going on a business trip for 1 week.  Nothing special, I know… but even though I’ve seen a lot of the world, I’ve never been to the US, and… Continue reading

Apple & Sage Chutney – Goodness In A Jar

Autumn has definitely arrived here, even though the sun showed itself all morning – unlike yesterday, when it rained almost nonstop, probably to make us aware of the fact that summer is over.… Continue reading

Basil Panna Cotta with Peach Purée

A couple of years ago I did an evening course to refresh my Italian.  I gave up after about 4 semesters as it all went too slowly for my taste due to us… Continue reading

Jam-filled Yeast Pastries – Croissant Style

I’ve been on vacation since September 1st, and I still have 1½ weeks left.   Bliss!  The first ½ week was spent preparing for the party, the next week I drove my sister back… Continue reading


Getting back to the tiramisu I made for my party at the beginning of September.  It’s a recipe I’ve been using ever since I found it on an Italian website in the early… Continue reading

Little Vices

I have this chest of drawers that has four large drawers.  They contain the little things I indulge in – only the little things have accumulated so that some of the very thin… Continue reading

Let Me Entertain You

We all know it’s fun inviting people, designing and sending out invites.  You look forward to the event, think about what kind of food you can delight 22 people with.  But it doesn’t… Continue reading

Last treat before dropping off the radar…

I went into town yesterday morning to get some party utensils for next Saturday.  We currently have the Wine Village running in Stuttgart, so the market was moved to the main shopping street. … Continue reading