Little Treats

May I please give you one more non-cooking / non-recipe related post? Since returning from my vacation I’ve only made pizza and shortbread, otherwise my oven remained cold and the stove top untouched.… Continue reading

Cookery Course – The Whole Story – Day 2

Here comes the last installment of the Puddings & Pastry cookery course. On day 2, we started out making pizza dough, from which we would later on, after proving, make pizza and focaccia.… Continue reading

Cookery Course – The Whole Story – Day 1

I haven’t been procrastinating. After returning from the cookery course I had two more days off, then worked for the rest of last week. Then on the weekend, when I wanted to write… Continue reading

Cookery Course – Quick Update

Cookery course completed! What a fantastic time, really really busy throughout the whole course. Today we made both sweet and savoury things, and quite a few pretty things, too. On the agenda today:… Continue reading

Cookery Course Sneak Peek

Hello everyone & greetings from England! Just came back from my first day at the cookery school about half an hour ago and wanted to give you a little sneak peek into what… Continue reading

Off To England…

Tomorrow I’ll be leaving for England – YAY! I mentioned in my Chocolate Twist post in April that I’d be flying to London and then heading South West for a cookery course, and… Continue reading