Greek Yogurt & Mint Panna Cotta with Bergamot Candy Brittle

As promised, finally here is a real food post. This one’s been on the back of my mind for almost a year now. Every time I picked up my notebook over that time,… Continue reading

Little Treats

May I please give you one more non-cooking / non-recipe related post? Since returning from my vacation I’ve only made pizza and shortbread, otherwise my oven remained cold and the stove top untouched.… Continue reading

Cookery Course – The Whole Story – Day 2

Here comes the last installment of the Puddings & Pastry cookery course. On day 2, we started out making pizza dough, from which we would later on, after proving, make pizza and focaccia.… Continue reading

Cookery Course – The Whole Story – Day 1

I haven’t been procrastinating. After returning from the cookery course I had two more days off, then worked for the rest of last week. Then on the weekend, when I wanted to write… Continue reading

Cookery Course – Quick Update

Cookery course completed! What a fantastic time, really really busy throughout the whole course. Today we made both sweet and savoury things, and quite a few pretty things, too. On the agenda today:… Continue reading

Cookery Course Sneak Peek

Hello everyone & greetings from England! Just came back from my first day at the cookery school about half an hour ago and wanted to give you a little sneak peek into what… Continue reading

Off To England…

Tomorrow I’ll be leaving for England – YAY! I mentioned in my Chocolate Twist post in April that I’d be flying to London and then heading South West for a cookery course, and… Continue reading

Cashew Chilli Bacon Chocolate Bark

Last year around this time I made Autumn Chocolate, basically chocolate bark plus some ingredients that had an autumn feel to me. Then a few weeks ago the protagonist of a book I… Continue reading


I recently got paid three compliments in one day about basically the same thing – everything this blog is about. It started off with a nice compliment from a friend who lives abroad.… Continue reading

Pea Soup

This is not your typical pea soup. It’s not green from blended peas, and it’s not thick, at least not my version of it. I grew up with this soup, it was a… Continue reading


I usually cook in the evening, double portions so that I can take one portion to work for lunch the next day. These last couple of weeks I haven’t felt like cooking at… Continue reading

Welcome To My Dinner Table – Part 9

Another dinner table post so soon after the last one, I know. But the memory’s still fresh as this dinner took place last night. It was a Welcome Home dinner for my friend… Continue reading