Amarena Cherry Panna Cotta

The nice people from WordPress now have a feature that reminds you of your blog anniversary – thank you, WordPress! I have to admit that I actually would have forgotten it this year,… Continue reading

Asparagus Linguine with Steak Strips in Lime Butter Sauce

Last week before I left the office I was a little stuck for what to cook. Also Whitsuntide lay ahead and I hadn’t even thought of food shopping yet. So I asked the… Continue reading

Avocado Fritters

When I read a post on Zucchini Fritters on Feed The Piglet a while back, I saw Johnny mentioning he could imagine this with avocado. Not realising he meant avocado as a side… Continue reading

Chola Ni Dal – Black Eye Bean Curry

This is one of the recipes I brought home from my Vegetarian Indian Cooking course back in January. I’ve been meaning to have friends over for an Indian dinner, but had been putting… Continue reading

Berry Cheesecake To Go

This was by no means the intended outcome of my baking a cheesecake. On Monday afternoon I expected family for coffee and cake, so I went shopping first thing that day. Just when… Continue reading

Spicy Salad Wraps

If you’ve been overindulging these last couple of weeks, like me – after all, it’s only Easter once a year… – then this will help get you back on the healthy track. After… Continue reading

Wheat Berry Egg Salad

When I picked up my sister from work on Easter Sunday, one of her colleagues shoved a tray of 30 hardboiled coloured eggs into my hands and said “They’re on the house”. Apparently… Continue reading

Hazelnut & Marzipan Filled Yeast Pastries

In German these are called Buchteln, for which unfortunately the only translation that comes up in any serious dictionary is yeast pastry filled with jam or something similar. I’ll still call them Buchteln… Continue reading

Cream Cheese & Mango Cakes

This is a variation of the classic Philadelphia Cake. I had an open pack of biscuits and some mango that needed to be eaten, and on checking the fridge I had everything else… Continue reading

Fluffy Omelette à la Mexicana

Just before typing up this post, I was trying to remember how this dish came about, what inspired it. And I seriously can’t remember. All I know is that last night after work… Continue reading

Tagliatelle with Baby Lima Beans & Buffalo Mozzarella

Have you experienced this dilemma: Do I cook pasta or potatoes? Then all of a sudden the little devil on your shoulder says: “Why don’t you have both?” The little angel on your… Continue reading

Beer & Lime Waffles with Chilli Pork Chops

I’ve been wanting to buy a waffle iron for ages, specifically one for Belgian waffles as I like their square shape better than the round version. The good thing about the internet is… Continue reading