I recently got paid three compliments in one day about basically the same thing – everything this blog is about. It started off with a nice compliment from a friend who lives abroad.… Continue reading

Pea Soup

This is not your typical pea soup. It’s not green from blended peas, and it’s not thick, at least not my version of it. I grew up with this soup, it was a… Continue reading


I usually cook in the evening, double portions so that I can take one portion to work for lunch the next day. These last couple of weeks I haven’t felt like cooking at… Continue reading

Welcome To My Dinner Table – Part 9

Another dinner table post so soon after the last one, I know. But the memory’s still fresh as this dinner took place last night. It was a Welcome Home dinner for my friend… Continue reading

Mustard-Stuffed Chicken

I’m not sure why this recipe is called mustard-stuffed chicken, because the filling consists mostly of cheese. Nevertheless, this is a great recipe that I use a lot, especially for guests. It’s quickly… Continue reading

Homemade Herb Butter

I love herb butter! In Germany, if you order steak in a restaurant or steak house you’ll get herb butter to go with it. When I was in the US for the first… Continue reading

Welcome To My Dinner Table – Part 8

A very current dinner table this time. In fact, this dinner took place only last night. Feeling extremely relaxed and not stressed in any way at all (very likely the after effects of… Continue reading

Chocolate Nectarine Muffins with Raspberry-Passion Fruit Cream Cheese Topping

I hear this old Joan Baez song in my head, but instead of “Where have all the flowers gone” I hear “Where is all my discipline”… A couple of weeks ago I left… Continue reading

Apple, Fennel & Olive Appetizer with Rosemary Bread

Going food shopping today, I came to the conclusion that it’s not necessary to try to impress people with unusual dishes or unconventional food combinations. Not all the time, anyway. Until then, I… Continue reading

Quick Tofu Bolognese With A Little Twist

The other day I noticed getting quite a few referrals from another blog, Aroma Journal, and was puzzled because both my food blogs were linked under “vegetarian food blogs”. Which is when I… Continue reading

A Crumbled Frozen Whipped Dessert

Two things I have to say. 1 – I seem to have this urge to make sweet things these days, even though I really, really didn’t want to do another sweet post. I’ll… Continue reading

Welcome To My Dinner Table – Part 7

I thought I was through with the dinner table series, when I found more pics on my hard drive yesterday. Trying to remember why I hadn’t considered posting them, it came back to… Continue reading