Tagliatelle with Baby Lima Beans & Buffalo Mozzarella

Have you experienced this dilemma: Do I cook pasta or potatoes? Then all of a sudden the little devil on your shoulder says: “Why don’t you have both?” The little angel on your… Continue reading

Beer & Lime Waffles with Chilli Pork Chops

I’ve been wanting to buy a waffle iron for ages, specifically one for Belgian waffles as I like their square shape better than the round version. The good thing about the internet is… Continue reading

7×7 and Super Sweet Bloggers Award

Just a quick thank you to two very sweet people who have been passing on awards to me for the last couple of months: Johnny from Feed The Piglet sent me the 7… Continue reading


I’m not sure if I have mentioned it here before: I LOVE Indian food. So earlier this month I took an Indian vegetarian cookery course at an adult education center nearby. I chose… Continue reading

Grapefruit & Lime Posset

Remember when I did this cookery course in the UK in September last year? I promised I’d be making all the stuff we learned there, but so far I’ve only made six of… Continue reading

Apple Strudel

After having written this post, I felt the need to get back here to the top and apologise because this is one of those posts where I just couldn’t stop typing, so it’ll… Continue reading

Cardamom & Cinnamon Chocolate Spoons

The second most frequented post on this blog is Chai Tea Infused Hot Chocolate On A Stick. As this was also a hit with both my friends and myself, I decided to revisit… Continue reading

Swabian Flädle Soup

I’ve been blogging for almost three years now, and I only just realised I never blog about the Swabian cuisine. I know the world has heard of Spätzle before, but can they make… Continue reading

Baked Camembert with Nuts & Mulled Wine Syrup

I’ve wanted to make baked camembert for a while now but only got to it today as I’d been contemplating for the last week what else I could use my homemade mulled wine… Continue reading

Sunshine Award

Awards seem to be flying in again… Not only did Fae from Fae’s Twist & Tango award me the 2nd star of the Blog Of The Year 2012 award, but also the Sunshine… Continue reading

2nd Star for Blog Of The Year 2012

The generous Fay of Fay’s Twist & Tango has awarded me the 2nd star of the Blog of the year 2012 award. Thank you very much, Fae! As I did the last time,… Continue reading

Walnut Ice Cream with Mulled Wine Syrup

Still looking for a dessert for the holidays? If you’re quick, you could serve this for dessert tomorrow night. I will be serving this when my family comes for lunch on the 26th.… Continue reading