Caraway & Coriander Chicken with Hot & Cheesy Sweet Potato Rounds

What a change in weather – just when you thought autumn had arrived a little early, summer comes back with very high temperatures. They’re supposed to last until the end of next week,… Continue reading

Hazelnut Baked Figs

  A few years ago I was gifted a tiny bottle of violet syrup. It’s used to top up with e.g. Prosecco, but I decided I’d drizzle it over figs, add some goats… Continue reading

Blueberry Crumble

We’ve had such a fantastially hot summer here in Germany with temps of up to 38°C, then the last two weeks of August they dropped to 24°C, which of course is still summer… Continue reading

White Currant Ice Cream

Last week at the Friday market I bought white currants, mainly for photography practice purposes, but of course I intended to use them in baking afterwards. I didn’t get to bake after all,… Continue reading

Braised Fennel Salad with Cherries, Bacon & Goats Cheese

Another salad, this time with a mix of warm and cold ingredients, which I love. The idea for using fennel in a salad came from online inspiration, I saw a picture somewhere of… Continue reading

Yellow String Bean Salad & Garlic Vinaigrette

In summer I get a lot of my vegetable supply from my parents’ garden. While my sister has a real interest in the upkeep of the garden, I’m more the “let me know… Continue reading

Brandy Truffles

Over the past few years I’ve often thought back to the rum truffles I used to make. The recipe was given to me by a girl I did my apprenticeship with, and I… Continue reading

Shoestring Onions

During my US vacation my friends and I shared onion rings quite a few times; I realised this is something that you don’t really get over here unless it’s at a big burger… Continue reading

Pickling {An Experiment}

Hello & welcome back. A week ago Sunday I returned from my three-week US vacation. I spent a week in Maine and two weeks in Massachusetts, and I enjoyed it immensely. When I… Continue reading

Hot Sauce {First Attempt}

Remember my Grilled Vegetables & Tofu Salad from a few weeks ago? I mentioned that I’ve been marinating my veg and tofu in a hot sauce that a Chinese colleague made. She’d only… Continue reading

Caraway & Linseed Wholegrain Rye Bread {Fail}

I’ve only made bread twice since the 2017 wood-burning oven bread course, probably because I can never get through a whole loaf before it starts getting mouldy, as I don’t eat bread every… Continue reading

Rhubarb Cake {Rhabarberkuchen}

I’ve been tempted by rhubarb at the market these past few weeks, but I resisted because nothing immediately sprang to mind that I wanted to make with rhubarb. After my last few baking… Continue reading