Food Photo Day

I know it’s not the season for strawberries in our northern hemisphere, but sometimes I just love to look at summery food to feel transported back to warm days and evenings on the… Continue reading

Ginger & Garlic Roasted Carrots On Lamb’s Lettuce & Buckwheat With Blood Orange & Mint Dressing

This post title is very long, but it lives up to it’s name. As usual this salad came about in a non-straight way. I read the word buckwheat somewhere and thought I could… Continue reading

Tender Leaves & Roasted Vegetable Salad

Having eaten out twice last week and consumed comfort food from the freezer – albeit homemade – for lunch every day, I woke up Friday morning thinking I need something fresh and green!… Continue reading

Food Photo Day

When you see me buying spring onions, it’ll usually mean I’m making bulgur salad. I hardly ever use them unless a recipe specifically ask for them, I just prefer normal-sized onions. However, when… Continue reading

Advocaat Panna Cotta

Every year just around Christmas time seems to be flying, especially if you’re intent on getting just this or that done before the holidays or absolutely want to try a new recipe. Once… Continue reading

Season’s Greetings

Baked Apple Cordial Macarons

I had this great idea to make macarons with a touch of winter / Christmas. I still think it’s a great idea but it didn’t go exactly like planned, for several reasons. First,… Continue reading

Food Photo Day

I like pumpkin but don’t cook with it very often. All of the things I cooked with it were for this blog, but the one recipe I’ve made repeatedly and that’s my absolute… Continue reading

Food Photo Day

Limes are something I always have at home. You can jazz up so many recipes – be it in cooking or baking, using a recipe or improvising – with just a bit of… Continue reading

Puff Pastry Pumpkin Tartlets

If you’re American you’ll probably be fed up with pumpkin now after Thanksgiving. I think if pumpkin pie is the most common way to use pumpkin for you, for Germans it’s pumpkin soup.… Continue reading

Food Photo Day

Earlier this year I discovered a vendor at our Friday market who sells bunches of mixed beets. Before, I was only familiar with red and yellow beets but these bunches also contained white… Continue reading

Flowers For WordPress

When my stats suddenly spike and it’s not due to the latest post I get suspicious. I go check the referrer section in WordPress but this time the referrer was the WP Reader,… Continue reading