Living – Rubber Gloves

I tend to go through quite a lot of rubber gloves in the kitchen. I use them for cleaning, for peeling vegetables that give off colour (like beetroot), or to avoid smelly hands… Continue reading

Homemade Butter

If you’re thinking homemade herb butter here, yes, you can make that from what you see in the pictures, but really I’m talking about making your own butter. The other day I read… Continue reading

Living – Enamel Onion Storage

The other week I picked up my sister at my parents’ and she had this little lidded enamel pot with handles with her. It was a pot to store onions in. Turned out… Continue reading

Blood Orange Buttermilk

I love blood oranges, and now’s the time you can buy them here. However, half of the bag I got didn’t taste so good, which made me decide to make something from them.… Continue reading

Living – Disposable Food Blog Props

This last Christmas I sent an American friend and colleague a German advent calendar, actually gave it to another colleague who took a trip to our US office. The same colleague brought back… Continue reading

Mini Mince Gugelhupf

I’ve said here a few times before that I’d love to be able to make do with only one picture per post. Well, now I get to have my wish, but not because… Continue reading