Hello there, and thank you for joining me at my dinner table!

I’m a hobby cook, baker and photographer who started out blogging in 2010 with this blog, then expanded to a German blog, and ended up with two photography blogs as well.

I love cooking for friends, creating menus, and thinking up table decorations. Luckily I’m surrounded by very appreciative people who seem to enjoy eating whatever I create in my kitchen – even though most of the time my motto is “no risk, no fun”. However, I don’t cook for other people as often as I’d like, so it’s mostly just dinner for (n)one in this household.

When I noticed I was starting to talk to myself in the kitchen, I decided it might be time to start this “blogging thing”. Because let’s face it – mumbling to yourself sounds kooky, whereas putting something in writing seems more respectable…

Thanks for stopping by – I hope you’ll find something you like!


I’m always happy to hear about someone trying out my recipes. When I try other people’s recipes and blog about it, I either do that referring to the respective blog for the recipe and do not publish it myself, or I ask permission from them if I want to translate it for my German blog.  In both cases, I link to their post.  Which is why I’d appreciate it if people asked before posting my recipes 1:1 or copying my pictures to their blog, especially as I have a copyright notice clearly visible on my homepage.  I am a firm believer in netiquette, so thank you for your understanding!

If in doubt where adaptation ends and plagiarism starts, read this interesting article by David Lebovitz on recipe attribution.