Pear Puff Pastries

I know, I know… looking at the homepage of this blog people might think this is a fruit blog! I don’t remember being so fruit focused the previous years, but it seems like this year I have this urge to make the most of the fruit currently available at the market.

Having said that, I can already feel the tingling of another urge on the periphery of my food life – comfort food; I’m sure I’ll get to that soon.

Last month my pedicure lady gifted me a bag of pears. She has customers with big gardens and fruit trees and was given those pears by one of them; however, she was going on vacation the next day and couldn’t use them up, so I was the happy recipient.

I decided to make pear jam, nothing fancy apart from the scraped-out vanilla bean I added, just pears and sugar.

As usual, these pear puff pastries came into existence in a roundabout way. So I had the pear jam, and I had a roll of puff pastry in the fridge. I also had this week off, and – also as usual – I like to delude myself by thinking I’d be doing two things during all my vacations: going out with my camera every day, and creating something in the kitchen.

The only thing I’ve done this week so far was going for two walks (camera included) and making these pear puff pastries. I find that when I’m on a stay-at-home vacation, I seem to crave baked goods. And so I made these pastries yesterday, did the photo shoot, went on a forest walk, and then I inhaled what you see in the pictures, together with half a pot of coffee.

To make these pear puff pastries, I cut off about one third of the puff pastry roll (unrolled, still wrapped in the baking paper it comes with), unrolled that third, halved it, then spread pear jam on both halves.

Next I preheated the oven to 180°C/350°F, I grated 1 pear, distributed it evenly on one half of the pastry, leaving a small rim, topped it with the other half, used a fork to (very artistically, haha) close all the sides, cut 4 little holes in the top, brushed it with pear jam, and sprinkled it with almond slices and coarse decorating sugar.

The pear puff pastry was baked on the middle shelf for 25 minutes, although it needs checking after about 15 minutes to see how the colour is coming along.

This pastry was a really delicious afternoon snack. Due to the pear jam being sweet-ish and the decorating sugar, the grated pears didn’t need sweetening (that’s a European view, though 😉 ).

A very quick and gratifying coffee or tea time treat, and as I have two more pears as well as the remainder of that puff pastry roll, I guess I’ll be making more of this and taking it for dessert at my sister’s tomorrow, where the family will be meeting for lunch.

Naturally, any type of fruit can be used, I’d just recommend using the same type of jam that you use as a fruit – personally I don’t like mixing flavours in something so simple.