Caraway & Coriander Chicken with Hot & Cheesy Sweet Potato Rounds

What a change in weather – just when you thought autumn had arrived a little early, summer comes back with very high temperatures. They’re supposed to last until the end of next week, so I suppose summer is currently showing autumn who’s boss until its actual calendrical arrival is due.

While I had scribbled recipe ideas more suitable for autumn in my notebook during summer’s deluge weeks, these temperatures had me want to make the most of summer food. Every week at the market I’m doing a mental happy dance when I see they still sell summer berries.

Nothing about this food is actually real summer food, it’s just that I suddenly got the urge to use lots of (unusual for me) colour in the photography, and it somehow gave off a summer vibe. Also, you could easily make this for a summer picnic.

The breading for the chicken came about because I had a caraway bread roll left over, and I’d forgotten to store a bunch of coriander properly. The former had hardened to a brick over the course of a week, and the latter had completely dried.

Here in Germany we don’t have squishy bread rolls like other countries do, they’re of a firm consistency, so if you don’t use them up within a day or two you end up with a brick. In my case this was of advantage, because I decided to grate the caraway roll and turn it into breadcrumbs. To that I would add chopped coriander, and because it had accidentally dried completely by itself, I basically just had to crumble it with my fingers and mix it into the breadcrumbs, adding just a little freshly ground salt.

So I floured, egged and breaded two sliced chicken breasts and pan-fried them in (lots of) butter. As you can see in the picture (2nd from top), the chicken looks almost as if it’s covered in hazelnut crumbs. I really liked those uneven darker crumbs, and the addition of the dried coriander was a good idea. You can subtly taste it, but it doesn’t overwhelm like fresh coriander tends to.

The sweet potato I just peeled, cut it into rounds, placed those on a baking paper lined sheet, ground some salt over them, then brushed them with an olive oil & jalapeño seed mix. Baked them in the oven at 200°C / 390°F on the middle shelf for 15 minutes, then turned them around and brushed up the olive oil & jalapeño seeds that had collected on the baking sheet and brushed it over the sweet potato rounds. I topped the rounds with some finely grated cheddar before baking them for another 12 minutes.

While the sweet potato was in the oven, I cut up a mango, added the juice of 1/2 a lime and the zest of 1 lime to make a sort of salsa. It complemented both the chicken and the sweet potato.

This made for a great lunch today, and I have enough left over to take to work tomorrow. Definitely a good recipe, and I think I’ll be trying out different breadcrumb & herb variations soon.