Chai Waffles with Blood Orange Chai Syrup

Seems like I’m starting this blogging year off like I ended the last – with something sweet. Outside of the blogging world, though, apart from two batches of cinnamon rolls, I’ve cooked only savoury things. Lots of vegetables and lots of grains.

Now that blood oranges are in season, though, I just had to finally try out this recipe that’s been sitting on my ideas board since autumn last year. And I’m happy to say it was well worth it to procrastinate and wait for blood orange season.

A friend had promised to send me his recipe of what he called “the world’s best ever waffles”, but when I had to prod him several times to send it, it turned out he couldn’t find the cookbook it came from. So I used one of my own recipes, which I quite like.

The original waffle recipe uses milk but in my Apple & Cardamom Waffles post a few years ago I didn’t have any milk in the fridge and substituted it for cream. In this recipe, I used cream again and added a little milk for better consistency.

I cooked the cream-milk-mixture the night before with a homemade chai tea mix, intending to let it steep for a couple of hours, but then decided to let the teabag sit in the mixture overnight. Good decision – I wanted the chai to be noticeable, and it was. My fear that it would make the cream-milk-mixture bitter was unfounded, because the sugar in the recipe is a good counterbalance to the chai.

I didn’t give a preparation time in the recipe below,  but I can give you an approximation:

Day 1

  • Putting together chai ingredients – 5 minutes
  • Cooking cream-milk-mixture – 10 minutes
  • Overnight steeping
  • Squeezing oranges – 5 minutes

Day 2

  • Cooking syrup – done while making batter and baking waffles
  • Making batter – 10 minutes
  • Peeling and cutting oranges while batter rests for 30 minutes
  • Baking waffles – depending on your waffle iron, about 20 minutes

Don’t worry – the recipe looks really long, but it’s not elaborate at all. I was quite happy making these waffles on this Sunday morning. I loved that the chai was discernible in the batter, and I loved how the syrup turned out. The kitchen smelled heavenly while it was bubbling away on the stove.

The oranges and the chai go perfectly together, the slightly tart oranges are balanced out by the waffles and the cream. I would definitely make this for guests, either for breakfast or dessert. I couldn’t wait for the photo session to be done today to dig in. What a great start to a Sunday!

Chai Waffles with Blood Orange Chai Syrup

Chai tea bag for batter
10 g loose Earl Grey tea
2 star anise
6 cardamom pods, slightly tapped with a pestle so they’re opened but not crushed
10 cloves

200 ml cream
50 ml milk

Put chai ingredients in a tea bag, tie it well, then place in a pot with the cream and milk. Bring to a boil, then let simmer for 10 minutes. Remove from heat, cover pot and leave to infuse overnight.

Chai mix for syrup
1 star anise
13 cardamom pods, slightly tapped with a pestle so they’re opened but not crushed
10 cloves

juice of 4 blood oranges, approx. 160 ml

Pour orange juice into a small bottle and add the chai mix. Leave to infuse overnight.

6 blood oranges
whipped cream in spray can
almond slivers

1 egg
30 g icing sugar
60 g white sugar
1 tsp baking powder
150 g flour
50 g butter, at room temperature
50 ml milk

Whisk together egg, icing sugar and white sugar, then add remaining ingredients. Remove tea bag from cream-milk-mixture, then pour mix into the batter and add another 50 ml milk. Set aside while prepping oranges.

Pour the infused squeezed orange juice in a pot, bring to a boil, and let simmer until waffles are done.

Meanwhile, remove skin – including white inner skin – from the 6  blood oranges, then slice each one about 0.5 cm thick. Place oranges on a board laid out with kitchen roll to absorb some of the juice.

Next, bake 6 waffles and keep each batch warm in the oven. Once they’re done, remove the simmering blood orange juice from heat and pour through a sieve, then discard the chai spices.

Serve waffles topped with cream, blood orange slices, orange-chai-syrup and almond slivers.