Xmas-sy Peppermint Macarons


Hello again with a quick post about what I’ve been up to. As you might have noticed, I haven’t blogged in a bit. One reason was that I came back sick from a trip to Hamburg – I am so done with being sick! – and the other is that I had to replace my oven and stove top.

Two of the hotplates had been acting up, firing on full heat at lowest setting, which gave me a nasty surprise one day when opening the lid on my tomato sauce… Then a spring broke in the oven door, causing it to open up to 4 cm while baking.

And while I had been looking for a new oven for quite a while, it was just tiresome to make a decision, because it seemed like every oven did the same thing, just at a different price. The final kick in the butt came after inviting my family for dinner for tomorrow. I just made a decision, and have been testing my new oven for a week now.

As expected, you have to be careful in the beginning to figure out how the new thing works, some of my Christmas cookies needed less oven time while others needed more. Yesterday morning I finally made these peppermint macarons, which had been on my want-to-try list for a few months now.

I’m not giving you a recipe here, because I went at it with a veryΒ che sera sera attitude. I didn’t mix the dough enough for fear of overmixing – even though I’ve made macarons many times before – and then was afraid of burning them in the new oven. The result was that some of them turned out a tad sticky on the bottom, but only 6 shells were lost in the event. I’d added some natural food colouring and some Christmas sprinkles before baking to make them look more seasonal.

For the buttercream filling, I started out with a little butter and added icing sugar, then some peppermint syrup until I got the desired consistency. The result was just as expected – you can taste the peppermint, but it’s not overwhelming. A nice hostess gift, too, if you’re invited for Christmas dinner somewhere.

Today is Christmas Eve, which is celebrated as the main day of Christmas in Germany. For the past five years, I’ve stayed home by myself, to contemplate, relax, do last minute things for tomorrow. Which is when my family will be here for Christmas lunch, then the day after – also a holiday in Germany – my sister will be cooking for us.

Hope you can all spend Christmas with loved ones and have a joyful, peaceful and contemplative time!