The Quest For The Perfect Apple

Ever since my Apple & Cheese Pithivier post I’ve been looking for more tasty apple varieties. As I mentioned in that post, neither the choices at the supermarkets nor at the farmers markets were remarkable, and that hasn’t really changed much.

To be fair, now that it’s autumn, a few more varieties have joined the usual ones, but I’m still in the process of apple testing. Lately I’ve tried Tenroy/Royal Gala, which every now and then makes it into my lunch box.

At the supermarket last week I noticed a few more red apples than before, so I decided to test a few.

The Pinova I’d never heard of before. Fuji I tried a couple of years ago and liked it, but it’s not available everywhere. Braeburn is an older sort that I had neglected for reasons unknown. Kiku I’ve seen before but never tried.

Turns out I haven’t missed anything by not having heard of the Pinova before and not having tried the Kiku. Considering that I had liked the Fuji a few years ago, the specimen I tested quite disappointed. The most boring and disappointing one, though, was the Kiku, which will definitely not make it into my shopping cart again. Surprisingly, the Braeburn convinced in all aspects. I vow to never ignore it again…

Do you have a favourite apple? Which one is it, and what do you use it for?