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Last night a friend and I made homemade scented candles, for which I had ordered two different types of wax and 4 kinds of essential oils online.

I’m definitely not a crafts person, but my friend is. Otherwise I’d never have summoned up the patience to do this. The idea for these homemade candles came from and the instructions were clear and easy to follow.

Even so, we didn’t stick with the amount of essential oil we added, because the rose and the mint oils were quite powerful. For the rose scented candles, our choice was good (we used only 6 drops per jar), but for the rest our 12 drops each were too conservative.

We used white soy wax for the rose, mint, and grapefruit candles, and yellow bees wax for the orange candles. Unfortunately the bees wax candles turned out really ugly, and it seems like the bees wax pellets I ordered were darker than the ones in the blog post we followed. Also, the bees wax cools and hardens really quickly but was an absolute pain in the rear to get off my metal bowl and utensils.

The process as such was really easy. The only thing we had to rethink were the wicks. Initially we dipped the metal base of the wicks in hot wax and stuck them in the jars, but as soon as the candle wax was poured in, the wicks started to float. The clothes pegs and the pen holding options shown in the recipe posts didn’t work because the former were too short and the latter kept turning on the jars and moving the wicks with them.
For us the best option turned out to be cutting the wicks short, placing the wax holding jars in a row, and placing a wooden skewer across them – that way the wicks were leaning against the skewer and stayed put.

With the remaining soy wax I’m going to make another batch with the amount of essential oil recommended on I’ve ordered a few more oils as well – lemon, mandarin, almond, lemongrass, bergamot, and spearmint; the latter is supposed to be sweeter than the peppermint I orginally ordered.

I love the results, though, because they make for really lovely gifts. And I have to admit that although it was really good fun to do this together with my friend, I enjoyed creating the labels even more.

If you haven’t made candles before, you might want to give it a go – you’ll always have little, pretty gifts at hand.

Candle recipes by
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