Sugar Crusted Goats Cheese With Caramelised Plums & Bacon

Five years ago I made sugar crusted goats cheese with caramelised nectarines for my German blog and have been meaning to make it again ever since. This little dish was great both as a starter or dessert, but some of my dinner friends don’t like goats cheese, so it never happened.

The other day I had some tasty plums left over and decided to make this again with the addition of bacon. Which I think would make it more suitable as a starter than dessert.

This is really quickly done, and it doesn’t even require proper measurements because you basically have one small round piece of goats cheese, one and a half plums, and half a strip of bacon per person.

I prefer to have these served with the sugar crust still warm, but they’re equally good served cold, which makes them perfect for a buffet.

What I liked about the original version was the mild flavour of the goats cheese combined with the sweet sugar and the tart-ish sugared fruit. With the addition of bacon you get an extra flavour on top of these, and it’s just perfect.

Sugar Crusted Goats Cheese With Caramelised Plums & Bacon

  • Servings: 2
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1 bacon rasher
2 small rounds of mild goats cheese
raw cane sugar
approx. 1 tbsp butter
1½ plums
crème brûlée torch

Fry bacon, cut or break into two pieces, and set aside.

Arrange goats cheese on plates, then stick a piece of fried bacon into each round of cheese. Cover the surface of the cheese with raw cane sugar.

Wash and slice plums. [They should be well dried.]

In a non-stick pan, heat sugar until it starts bubbling slightly, then as soon as it starts browning add some butter. [In a small pan the sugar should cover the bottom of the pan. Start out with 1 tbsp butter so the mixture won’t become too liquid.] When the butter has melted and the mixture starts bubbling, add the plum slices and keep turning them so that they’re covered on all sides. As soon as the sugar starts hardening but is still a tad soft, arrange plums and melting sugar around the goats cheese.

Quickly flambé the sugar on top of the goats cheeses until molten and bubbling (it’s OK if the sugar is slightly blackened in places) and serve immediately. In case the sugar around the plums starts to soften before you serve, give it a little blast with the crème brûlée torch.

For effect, you can torch the sugar at the table to impress your guests 😉 .