Redcurrant Puff Pastry Snails {Träuble Schneckennudeln}

In Southern Germany we have something called Schneckennudel, which literally translates to snail noodle. The snail part, naturally, comes from its shape, but I don’t know where the noodle part comes from. The most popular variations are nut snails and poppy snails. I love both, but as with all things containing poppies, you better not smile at anyone after consumption…

The best Schneckennudeln are made with yeast dough, just like a cinnamon roll, only more flat and larger in diameter. So when I was pondering what to make from the last of the redcurrants I was able to snatch at the market the other week, I decided to make redcurrant snails. I was too lazy to make a yeast dough so went to buy a roll of ready-made dough. Sadly, none of the shops I went to had any, and on my way home as I stopped at a bakery I saw they made their Schneckennudeln with puff pastry. I had some in the fridge and so it was this lazy option I took.

For the filling I wanted to use the same as for a Swabian redcurrant cake, a gooey mix of redcurrants, egg whites, sugar and ground almonds. I wasn’t sure how it would hold up in a rolled dough but it actually turned out pretty great.

I was really impressed with the result, if I may so so myself, especially as this was so quickly done. The puff pastry had a nice crispness on the outside, and when I pulled it apart I encountered the juicy, moist redcurrant and almond mix. Absolutely delicious! This will definitely become a staple, and it’s great if you quickly need something for unexpected guests, or to bring to a party.

Redcurrant Puff Pastry Snails {Träuble Schneckennudeln}

  • Servings: 10
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1 roll puff pastry
450 g redcurrants, washed and de-stalked
3 large egg whites
75 g sugar
125 g ground almonds [I used shop-bought almond flour]
icing sugar for decorating

Beat the egg whites until stiff, then slowly add the sugar while still mixing. Add the redcurrants and the ground almonds, and mix into the egg whites using a spatula until well distributed.

Preheat oven to 200°C / 400°F (fan oven).

Unroll puff pastry, distribute the redcurrant mixture all over the pastry, then roll it up from the short side. With a sharp knife, carefully – so the filling doesn’t squeeze out – cut into 10 pieces.

Move the pieces to a lined baking sheet. If the slices are a little deformed from cutting, try to push them into a round shape on the sheet.

Bake for 20 minutes on middle shelf.

Let cool, then serve sprinkled with icing sugar.