Aperol Sour Jelly Shots

Until a few years ago I had the occasional glass of red wine at home, but only if I needed the wine for cooking anyway. I can’t really say why I don’t do that anymore, it’s not that I no longer like red wine, and I only realised I had stopped drinking it during a discussion with friends. I said I only really drink alcohol when I have guests or am invited to friends and don’t have to drive home.

What I do drink every once in a blue moon is a G&T, which sparked the idea a couple of years ago to make G&T jelly shots. Now this summer, which happens to be a really hot one, I remembered that – also a long time ago – friends and I used to go for drinks after work, to an outdoor bar where I usually had an Aperol Sour. As it so happened, I was reorganising my drinks box at the beginning of summer, and I found a bottle of Aperol. And for a week I sat on my balcony after work with a refreshing Aperol Sour. Seems this was only a phase, though.

As there wasn’t too much left in the Aperol bottle when I was about to put it back in its box, I decided to make Aperol Sour jelly shots. I had to look up the ratio for the ingredients and noticed that there’s no orange juice in there, whereas I like to add a splash of it. Instead it had sugar syrup in it, of which I had a homemade bottle. The soda I skipped completely.

The tricky thing was to figure out the amount of gelatine leaves I would need; for the G&T version I had used 4 leaves for 400 ml of liquid. As I only had 175 ml of liquid for the Aperol version, I used 3 leaves to be on the safe side. Unfortunately, after a few hours the mixture hadn’t set, so I poured it all back into a pot, reheated it, and added a fourth gelatine leaf, which did the trick.

These jelly shots are a fun substitute for an aperitif for any informal summer dinner or BBQ!

Aperol Sour Jelly Shots

  • Servings: 6 shot glasses
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100 ml Aperol
25 ml lime juice
25 ml orange juice
25 ml sugar syrup [shop bought or homemade*]
3 gelatine leaves [total of approx. 1 g]
6 shot glasses

* If you need to make sugar syrup for this recipe, it needs to be made in advance! The sugar : water ratio is 1 : 1 [e.g. 100 g sugar : 100 ml water]. Heat sugar and water together, bring to boil and keep cooking until sugar is completely dissolved. Let cool.

Soak gelatine leaves in cold water.

Mix all other ingredients in a small pot and bring to a boil. Keep simmering on low heat for about 10 minutes.

Squeeze all the water from the gelatine leaves, then stir quickly into the still hot liquid and take from heat.

With the help of a small funnel and a ladle, divide the liquid between the 6 shot glasses, then refrigerate them until set [up to 4 hours or overnight].