Sauerkraut Brisket

Remember the Korean BBQ Brisket I made earlier this year? I had bought too much meat so I froze half of it, sure I would have other ideas what to do with it.

Then a while ago I got just that idea from another book, as happens often, where people had pulled pork with sauerkraut. I decided that’s what I would try with the brisket.

I started researching sauerkraut recipes just to give me an idea what all you put in it. In the end I decided not to cook my own sauerkraut but to use a canned variety. I live in an area that is well-known for its sauerkraut production, so I chose white wine sauerkraut, and I just added a few juniper berries.

What I wasn’t sure about was whether – because it is already cooked – the sauerkraut would go totally mushy during the 5 hour cooking process. I decided to risk it, and luckily it held up well and kept its consistency.


Here in Germany, if we have sausage/Bratwurst with sauerkraut, we have it with mustard, which is why I decided to cover the brisket in mustard. Just used salt and pepper for seasoning, slightly browned the meat in a pan and then slathered it in a mixture of about 2/3 Dijon mustard and 1/3 sweet mustard.

This turned out to be a very basic, low-key dish but it really didn’t require anything more or fancy. I was very pleased with how it turned out, especially for so little effort.

I had the brisket and sauerkraut on a pretzel roll (called Laugen or Laugenweckle here in Southern Germany) with some BBQ sauce, mustard, and dried roast onions. The BBQ shop was a shop-bought one, but I’d like to make my own BBQ sauce at some point, maybe that’ll be my next project. Do any of you make their own BBQ sauce?

Sauerkraut Brisket

  • Servings: 4-6
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1 – 1½ kg brisket
butter for frying
approx. 1 kg canned sauerkraut [preferably seasoned, like e.g. white wine sauerkraut]
10 juniper berries
Dijon mustard
sweet grainy mustard

Season brisket with salt and pepper, then fry in butter until slightly browned. Coat brisket in mustard [2/3 plain and 1/3 sweet] and set aside.

Place a layer of sauerkraut in a Dutch oven and add a few juniper berries. Place brisket in the middle, then arrange the remaining sauerkraut around the brisket, adding the remaining juniper berries.

Place in oven on middle shelf and cook at 150°C / 300°F for approximately 5 hours, turning the meat every hour.

Serve with bread rolls and BBQ sauce.