The Lazy Cook’s Breakfast, Lunch Or Dinner

We’re having fantastic summery weather and temperatures here in Southern Germany, which means great light for most of the day for food photography. I’ve been waiting for these spring and summer months all winter, but now the good light days are here, I find I’m lacking the enthusiasm to cook.

I’ve recently defrosted my freezer – long overdue with about 5 cm of ice in there! – and in the course of this I decided to clean out the food I knew had been in there for too long. With only the vegetable drawer full, the meat drawer with one lonely piece of brisket, and the homemade lunch food drawer only half full, I thought I’d be cooking a lot during days off to fill the freezer up with office lunch meals. Never happened.

My chalk board still has enough ideas on it, and the lazy phase will pass quickly, I’m sure. What I’m having as either breakfast, lunch, or dinner these days is Greek yogurt with raspberries and homemade granola. The recipe for the latter is by Tina Engel (recipe is in German, but I’m sure even Google translate can’t go wrong with the ingredients list) who doesn’t add any processed sugar to sweeten the granola, only bananas and dates. I’ve been making a baking sheet full of this every other week since I discovered that fabulous recipe about two months ago (minus the chia).

What is your go-to dish or snack for summery days when you don’t fancy cooking?

While I wasn’t enthusiastic about cooking these past weeks, I once again got the DIY bug. While at a DIY store, I found they had wooden boards in lots of different sizes, one of which was 40 x 60 cm, perfect as a photo background. They also had ice blue chalk paint in mini cans, which was more than I needed for my board, so I made another background in 10 minutes – 5 minutes for the chalk paint (plus drying time, naturally) and 5 minutes for the clear varnish. You can see the result in above picture. I love this background as it’s got a light and airy feel, perfect for summer food photography. I’m sure you’ll be seeing quite a bit of this background here over the next months ๐Ÿ™‚ .