Potato & Pea Salad with Gruyère & Mint Dressing


Hello on this quiet and mixed-weather Whitsun weekend. I hardly dare say it, but I’ve been on sick leave last week, again, for the third time this year. I was looking forward to my long weekend the week before last, when on the evening of Ascension day I realised my coffee didn’t taste right. Being a coffee junkie, I knew something was off but didn’t think further about it. From the next day on, though, the only things I could eat were 2 slices of toast a day, and after those I felt like I’d eaten a whole cow.

The salad I posted last weekend was the only “proper” food I had during that long weekend, so after seeing my GP on Monday, I was put on sick leave for this past week. I still can’t eat more than some toast or a yogurt with fruit, but seeing as I had potatoes and shelled peas that needed to be used up, I decided to make a tiny potato & pea salad today. The portion you see in the pictures is all I made, and that was enough really.

I’m sure (and hope, because I LOVE food!) this will pass quickly. So let’s get to the salad.

I had so many things that needed to be used up, so in addition to the potatoes and the peas I decided on bacon and red spring onions for the salad. For the dressing I had intended to make a pesto using Gruyère and mint, but the latter had been sitting in the fridge for too long, so only about 10 – 12 larger leaves were still usable. In the end it was more of a dressing than a pesto, and had more Gruyère in it than mint. It still turned out really delicious, though, and just right for this salad.

I halved and boiled about 12 very small potatoes as well as 500 g shelled peas (weight before shelling) in salted water. Cut up and fried the bacon, and thinly sliced the spring onions.

After cooking the potatoes and peas, I mixed them in a bowl and sprinkled them with a little homemade lemon salt, then added the onions and bacon, and poured the dressing over the salad, mixing well so all the potatoes and peas were well coated.

For the dressing I mixed about 12 larger mint leaves with about 40 g finely grated Gruyère, a chopped garlic clove, and lots of olive oil (all done in a blender).

I ate this salad while the potatoes and peas were still warm, which I like best, but it can also be prepared ahead (adding the dressing shortly before serving) and eaten cold.

I loved how this turned out, especially with the dressing experiment. I mean, nothing can really go wrong that has bacon in it, right!? The dressing complemented the salad ingredients very well, and I enjoyed this doubly as it was my first proper meal in over a week.