DIY Background Boards

In my family, talents are clearly divided. My sister is a science person, I’m a language person. Although we both love to eat, I also love cooking while my sister loves being invited for meals. My sister is the DIY queen, I am so not. And yet, I made my own photography backdrops this past weekend.

A friend wanted to discard an older beer table, and I asked if I could have it. Put it in my garage and there it sat for about four weeks. I was clearly procrastinating, so I finally asked another friend how best to remove the table legs. He said to bring it to work and he would take it home and take care of it; I asked if he could saw it in half as well, that way I would have two tops and two backsides which I could all paint and have four different boards.

When he brought the boards back only two days later, he said while he was at it he sanded the tops down for me with his machine so I wouldn’t have to do that by hand. Friends… *sigh* I was so happy about that I went to the DIY store to get some chalk paint straight after work, and I ordered two more colours online.

The one that called itself plum was actually more of a lilac but I liked it, the second one was velvet olive, and the third one was charcoal. With this chalk paint you’re supposed to sand it down here and there to make it look used, but that was more difficult than I’d thought, even with only one coat of paint. So my boards have two or three “used” spots but I’m sure through day-to-day usage they will come by their used look naturally. I left the bottom side of one board as is because I liked its rustic look.

After applying the clear varnish last night and letting it dry, I took some test shots today, and I liked how they turned out. This whole DIY lark wasn’t as bad as I’d thought but only because I had a little (OK, a lot) help along the way with all the preliminaries.

I’m definitely looking forward to using them soon.

How about you – are you a DIY person? Do you make your own backgrounds?