Food Photo Day


Today I have a seasonal ingredient for you, cabbage. The type you see here is an indigenous variety and its German name is Filderkraut. Fildern is an area close to our airport, and Kraut means cabbage, as I’m sure most of you know.

This pointed type of cabbage has really tender leaves, and although it also comes in a larger variety, you’ll usually find these smaller ones in the shops. I love using it finely grated to make Krautfleckle, a dish my grandmother used to make. One of these smaller cabbages is perfect for 1 – 2 people as it shrinks during braising.

I’m currently making the most of Filderkraut being in season, although I’m taking the lazy route using shop bought broad pasta like pappardelle instead of the homemade pasta squares original to the Krautfleckle recipe.

Do you use cabbage much? If so, what do you make from it?