Shiny Things


I recently saw a set of copper measuring spoons on the Williams Sonoma website. My favourite silicone measuring spoons broke, so I was looking for new ones anyway. Knowing that copper things are trendy right now, I wasn’t sure, though, whether I’d still like them a year from now. Add to that the fact that if I had ordered them online I would have had to pay more than twice their original price due to shipping costs and German import tax, it really wasn’t worth it.

Enter my friend E. Ah, friends. Worth so much more than anything money can buy! So E, who currently lives in Dubai, was on a business trip to the US and bought those measuring spoons for me. Took them home to Dubai, where a colleague of mine happened to be on a business trip. They met, and my colleague brought back the measuring spoons for me. Crazy that, but I’m happy to have those shiny copper spoons!

Then two weeks ago I was in the UK, and I found more copper kitchen things. Still bearing in mind that stuff can go out of fashion fast, I didn’t want to buy any big and/or expensive items. What I brought home were quite small things as you can see in the picture. Two kinds of little shakers, a cookie cutter, a shortbread cutter, and as I’m a sucker for stationary and butterfly clips in particular, I was only too happy to find those little copper clips.

These little things are my Xmas presents to myself. How about you? Do you like or own any trendy copper kitchen items? Or did you inherit old copper items from family?