Sorry to bother you again…

After my rant here the other week, I was updated by a helpful WP Happiness Engineer about the difference between reblogging and sharing (both legal & legit, whether we like it or not). So I’ve come to terms with that, because it is what it is.

Only then I got another pingback, and it turns out this time someone actually copied and pasted my entire Potato & Onion Stuffed Portobello post including watermarked picture. I would never even have found out about it, it was only because in my original post I had linked to another portobello post of mine, which in turn caused the pingback from the other blogger (if I may say so… too stupid to steal without leaving traces…).

WP Support confirmed this was content theft, and that I should try to resolve this privately with the person, or if all else fails submit a DMCA notice. As this would mean making my private address and phone number available, which the other blogger would also receive, I was hesitant.

So I asked two professional photographers I’m in contact with if they ever had to deal with a DMCA notice. They had not, one photographer said she sends up to four friendly e-mails to the blogger, and that has worked for her so far. The other said to try something else first: naming and shaming.

Of course, I tried the first way; not having an e-mail address for the blogger, I left friendly comments asking to remove my post from their blog. They didn’t, and of course they didn’t publish my comments either.

So now I’m putting it out there as suggested by the other photographer. I really don’t want to drive traffic to that site, but – because let’s face it, anyone could be next without knowing about it – if this makes you, as an original content creator, as angry as it does me: feel free to go to and tell them… that you know this content was stolen from dinnerfornone… what you think about content theft… why they start their new blog off with stolen content… whatever you feel like saying.

I won’t be publishing anything until after my vacation, because I’m still fuming a little. Can you see the smoke where you are?  😉