Copyright, Reblogging & Respect

I wrote a rant yesterday. Today I reviewed and revised it, but the gist of it is still the same.

Last night, literally the minute I published my Roasted Carrot Soup post, I got a pingback from someone reblogging it. I already removed the “reblog” button from my blog a while ago, but unfortunately you can still reblog directly from the WP Reader.

Although I have a copyright notice clearly visible both on every post and as a page, as well as a page on reblogging, I guess some people just don’t care. There are many people like that, unfortunately, but luckily in the grand scheme of things it’s a minority. Still, it makes me mad. So much so that I was considering making this a private blog. Does anyone have experience with that?

I usually leave a comment at the reblogged post reminding them of copyright etc. and kindly ask them to remove my pics from their blog. Some people will tell you they didn’t know about the copyright notice, and they’ll remove the post from their blog. Others will just openly laugh at you and send you a rude reply.

To some people blogging is an easy, fun thing – because they don’t create any content themselves, they just reblog other people’s work. What they don’t see – and some don’t care about – is that at the time I publish a post, I will have

  • spent time thinking up a recipe
  • spent time cooking
  • spent time preparing my setup
  • spent time taking pictures
  • spent time downloading and editing pictures
  • spent time writing a post and the recipe

I don’t just click a button and great things appear on my blog. I work for them, and sometimes it takes a whole day out of my precious weekend to do so. And while I truly have fun doing all this, the thoughtless people can take the fun out of it, even if only for a moment.

So to anyone tempted to reblog and post my work (or anyone else’s who doesn’t want to be reblogged or who has copyright notices on their blog) – please consider the above. The least thing I expect is respect, and there are other ways to show appreciation, like simply posting a link without pictures to someone else’s blog.

I’m certainly not trying to step on anyone’s toes or accuse here. I have known many of you readers for a long while now, and my rant is not meant for 99.9 % of you. But every once in a while someone comes along who ticks me off.

Rant over. Thank you for listening!

UPDATE: I happened upon this subject in the WP Forum, asked a question, and got a lot of information if you’re interested –>
So basically what I saw through the pingbacks was not even a reblog but a share. It’s legal, it’s legit, it’s supposed to bring you traffic…