Berry, Butterscotch & Pecan Brownies


Although I embrace autumn, I can’t let go of summer yet; the weather swings between late summer and early autumn temperatures, one day making us believe it’s still summer and the next reminding us that it isn’t.

I felt the urge to make something that combines summer and autumn. Definitely the last of the raspberries and blueberries…muffins maybe? Ah no – just remembered that I own a brownie pan (which I hadn’t actually planned to use for brownies).


I’m a bit on the fence with regards to brownies. I rarely make them – thinking back, I think the last time must have been about 6 years ago for a party – because I always like other people’s better. I have a recipe from a former Canadian colleague which I like, but it doesn’t make chewy brownies. So apart from the berries I added the pecans because they spell autumn for me, and some butterscotch syrup, also autumny for me but also to give the brownies some chewiness.

I wouldn’t claim the result is the best ever brownies, but they turned out exactly as I imagined my summer & autumn mix to be.

If you’re also an embracer of autumn who can’t let go of summer, why not take your favourite brownie – or any other cake – recipe and tweak it with some summer berries, pecans and a good dose of butterscotch syrup?