Cucumber & Lemon Rickey

Cucumber + Lemon Rickey 01a

I sat sipping this refreshing drink on my balcony earlier this evening, then jumped up – as I tend to do when my brain shouts photo! – and grabbed the camera.

Two years ago, at the Cafeteria Boston on Newbury Street I discovered this Cucumber & Lemon Rickey on their menu; it was incredibly hot outside, like it was here today, and the description of this mocktail “muddles lime and mint with cucumbers and lemons topped with soda water” sounded like the exact right thing to try.

I’ve recreated this drink quite often now and tried different variations of it. Sparkling water, tonic water, even a tiny splash of gin. All lovely and refreshing.

Cucumber + Lemon Rickey 04a

The first time I made this, I used a “normal” cucumber, like you use in salads. However, this was too watery and soft for my taste, so I’ve been using another variety ever since. I believe they’re called pickling cucumbers in English – the information the internet provides is unbelievable, and I think I might be spoiled by that, because I was amazed to find out the internet doesn’t know everything 😀 .

None of the dictionaries I found knew the word Landgurke. I knew right away that Google would literally translate it as country cucumber, haha. I’m quite sure, though, that pickling cucumber is the one I was looking for – shorter than a salad cucumber, skin is firmer, diameter is smaller. So, to all you gardeners out there, if you know the proper name for this thing, let’s hear it!

Here’s how I make my Cucumber & Lemon Rickey, this yields 2 glasses:

Slice a pickling cucumber, roughly tear apart a handful of mint leaves.

Into each glass, squeeze 1 lime and ½ lemon, add ½ sliced lime to each (optional), add ice cubes, the sliced cucumbers and torn mint, and top with club soda, tonic water, or sparkling mineral water.


Cucumber + Lemon Rickey 02c