Roasted Tomatoes On Cream Cheese & Soft Rustic Bread

Roasted Tomatoes 02

Yesterday at lunch time I bought a small crate of cocktail tomatoes at a wholesaler’s, and on the way home from work I stopped to get bread. I had a vision of something tomato-y on bread but didn’t yet know what exactly it would be.

I managed to get to the bakery a minute before closing time, and the only bread they had left was a kind of white toast and something called fire crust. Fancy name, that. It looked very rustic on the outside but turned out to be very soft and moist on the inside, because it had bits of red pepper and olives in it.

On the way home I decided to roast the tomatoes but wasn’t sure about serving them on the bread due to its consistency. Then cream cheese popped into my head, and it all started to come together.

Roasted Tomatoes 03

I roasted the tomatoes on the vine, drizzled with (quite a bit of) olive oil, stuck crushed but unpeeled garlic cloves and rosemary sprigs in between the tomatoes and roasted them for 25 minutes at 225°C / approx. 450°F (fan) on the middle shelf. When I took them out, I immediately sprinkled some raw cane sugar over them – it wasn’t supposed to caramelize, just to melt a little while the tomatoes were still warm.

While the tomatoes cooled down, I cut open the bread and spread the cream cheese on it thickly. Then, again using a fork, I plucked the tomatoes off the vines (this was a bit tricky as the skin kept sticking to the stems) and together with the crushed garlic bits (skins removed) arranged them on the cream cheese. A few turns of salt and pepper – done.

Roasted Tomatoes 01

This was so delicious that I decided it would be my summer go-to dinner if I wasn’t in the mood to cook after work. So easy and so delicious.

There was quite a bit of juices and bits left on the baking tray – with a spatula I collected every little bit and poured it into a jar, and I will use it to mix it into plain pasta tonight.

Roasted Tomatoes 04