Pear, Ginger & Chocolate Crumble

Pear + Ginger Crumble 01a

Last weekend, after five weeks of “eating sensibly” and no sweets, I suddenly craved a crumble like mad. I wanted to use up the pears I’d forgotten in the fridge but they were already past it (another sad moment of food waste, I’m afraid), so I bought fresh ones at the market. Also left in the fridge was a small piece of ginger, and I wanted to add chocolate to the mix, so I bought some grated milk chocolate.

The fresh pears weren’t as soft as I’d wanted them, but it turned out that was good because that way the crumble wasn’t just a heap of mush but had some substance to it. Instead of nuts as intended I added small, fine oats to the crumble topping; this, too, added something to chew.

I didn’t work with a recipe here, that’s not really necessary. I cut 1 pear into very small pieces, grated about 1 cm / 0.5″ of fresh ginger into them and added about 50 g of grated milk chocolate and 2 tbsp raw cane sugar.

Pear + Ginger Crumble 02a

For the topping, I mixed very fine flour with butter cubes and dark brown (muscovado) sugar. No ratio here, just went with how it all looked, felt and came together until I was content with the consistency of my crumbles. With using 1 pear, this made enough to fill 2 little pie dishes (18 x 13.5 cm / 7 x 5 1/4″).

I topped the crumble with butter flakes and baked it at 200°C / 400°F on the middle shelf for 20 minutes, until the topping was nicely browned.

I really, really enjoyed this little treat, the mix of only slightly sweet pear, discernible but not overpowering touch of ginger and the sweet chocolate was exactly the right thing to fulfill my craving. I also love when you first dig your spoon into a crumble and you see it still bubbling underneath the surface.

The pictures were taken in haste, I didn’t put too much effort in them, because I wanted to EAT. I’m sure you’ll understand 😀 .

Pear + Ginger Crumble 03c