Asparagus & Steak Potato Cakes

Asparagus + Steak Potato Cakes 03

While surfing food sites on Friday afternoon, I came across this guy making hash browns. His method was to grate a thin layer of potatoes straight into a frying pan of sizzling butter. I thought I’d give that a try this weekend, but my frying pan had other ideas. While I thought I’d be ending up with a kind of potato cake the size of the pan, the pan decided to make the potatoes stick to the middle of it, so I had to divide it up. That wasn’t such a bad thing, though, as tastewise it turned out exactly as planned, although not quite as browned as I would have liked.

Asparagus + Steak Potato Cakes 02

I mixed some very finely grated parmesan into the potatoes, just because I had some left over. Then I mixed a whole avocado with the juice of half a lime and spread that on the potato cakes. This I topped with thin strips of beef tenderloin and white asparagus heads, then sprinkled some freshly chopped coriander over it.

Originally I wanted to drizzle some Sriracha Mayoo over the whole thing, but decided against it because the taste of these asparagus & steak potato cakes was pretty much perfect already. The hot sauce would have distracted from the indivdual flavours that went so well together.

Asparagus + Steak Potato Cakes 01

Apart from the planned big potato cake being turned into little individual ones, this dish turned out really well. The dark fried steak strips and the asparagus went well together, the lime mixed into the avocado gave this a refreshing note, and although I had never paired coriander and asparagus together, it fit perfectly. Mission accomplished!

Asparagus + Steak Potato Cakes 04