Food Photo Day

Diptych - Passion Fruit

Although I’ve baked with passion fruit before, this last summer I got really hooked on the little ugly things; the reason is this drink named New Blossom  that I found on Jamie Oliver’s website.

I love passion fruit for their smell as well; once you cut them open their exotic scent will fill the kitchen. Over the summer I kept buying what seems like tons of passion fruit – although they’re really pricey over here – and have since made macarons with passion fruit buttercream. Other than that, I made passion fruit ice cream and passion fruit panna cotta last summer, and coconut & passion fruit squares way back in the beginnings of this blog.

I’m planning to make a simple little cake with passion fruit this week, and I’m sure I’ll find more ways to use this delicious fruit in the future.

What do you usually make from or use passion fruit in?