Wild Garlic Oil

My favourite German Magazine Living At Home published a special edition with their most popular as well as new recipes.

Since I stopped buying cookbooks, I also stopped buying food magazines. I only ever look at the pictures anyway, and you can get your pic fix online these days. Having said that, Living at Home‘s food issue was so beautifully made that I didn’t even hesitate to buy it.

Wild Garlic Oil 01

The magazine contains quite a few recipes I know I’ll be trying, and the first one I made last night was wild garlic oil, mainly because the season’s almost over so I wanted to make it while I could still get my hands on wild garlic.

This beautiful green oil (who’d have thought I’d ever be calling oil beautiful!?) is made in 5 minutes, then needs to infuse overnight, and can then be strained into a bottle. It’s not just pretty and easy, of course – the taste is absolutely lovely as well.

Wild Garlic Oil 02

You roughly chop 1 bunch of wild garlic, then finely purée it [I used an immersion blender] with 100 ml sunflower oil. Top up with 200 ml olive oil, cover and leave to infuse overnight.
The next day, strain the oil through a fine sieve into a bottle [My little sieve fit into my funnel, which made it easier.]
Store in a cool, dark place.

I’ll be using my wild garlic oil making a particular version of roasted vegetables that currently only exists in my head. You might read about it here if it turns out as planned.