Wild Garlic Gnocchi

These past few years, I’ve used wild garlic – also known as bear’s garlic – quite a bit. My first try was a pesto, and that turned out so well I make it often when it’s wild garlic season. I’ve also made Asparagus Soup with Bear’s Garlic Ravioli and Asparagus & Wild Garlic Mini Quiches. For some reason I seem to associate wild garlic with asparagus, because I made mini asparagus to go with the wild garlic gnocchi I made this past weekend. I only became aware of pairing the two when I started writing this post. They do go very well together, though, so I might come up with more recipes to combine them.

Wild Garlic Gnocchi 01

The wild garlic had been sitting in my fridge for a week, because the season isn’t too long so I tend to buy it because it’s available and then find it sitting in my fridge… This recipe really came about because I was looking for something to accompany my white mini asparagus stalks, and gnocchi seemed to be a good partner. The wild garlic is very dominant so you don’t really need your other food items that you serve with it to be spicy.

The gnocchi turned out perfect, and you don’t actually have to fry them but I liked the idea of them slightly browned. I wrapped the asparagus in some cured bacon and made a (shop bought) hollandaise sauce to go with it. I really have to learn to make my own hollandaise because that shop bought stuff really doesn’t do the asparagus justice…

These wild garlic gnocchi definitely fulfill one of my main criteria when I try out new things: would I serve it to guests? Yes, I most definitely would!

Wild Garlic Gnocchi 02

Wild Garlic Gnocchi

500 g potatoes
2 tsp salt
1 bunch wild garlic
150 g flour
extra flour for work surface

Peel potatoes and cut them into 1.5 cm / 0.5″ cubes. Cook in salted water for 25 – 30 minutes. Finely chop the wild garlic and set aside.

Remove from pot with a slotted spoon and keep the cooking water for later. Let the potatoes cool for about 10 – 15 minutes, then either use a potato ricer or masher on them. Once they’re finely mashed add the chopped wild garlic and mix well until the wild garlic is evenly distributed among the mash. Next add the flour bit by bit until you have a firm ball of dough.

Flour a work surface, cut the dough ball into workable pieces, then roll each one into a thin long sausage and cut off 1.5 cm / 0.5″ bits.

Reheat the previously used cooking water (adding more if necessary) and cook the gnocchi in batches of approx. 20 pieces. Remove with a slotted spoon and keep in a colander or bowl, stirring every now and then so they won’t stick. If they do stick, add a tad of butter.

Prepare whatever else you’re serving, then fry the gnocchi in s0me butter until they’re slightly crusty.

Wild Garlic Gnocchi 04