Living – Tiny Bowls & Unusual Pepper


Living - bowls + pepper 01

The other week I bought two very small bowls, probably too small for tapas but nice for salt and pepper to put on the dinner table. I had just received a small portion of peppercorns from a friend that I poured into one of the bowls, and it looked good enough to take a picture.

The pepper wasn’t just any old pepper, though – it was a species that grows in Madagascar; here it’s known as Madagascar pepper, but its proper name is piper borbonense. What’s so special about it apart from looking like cute little peppercorns with tails, as I like to call them?

Well, obviously it’s the taste, but I find it very hard to describe. It’s different. I know, I know… that doesn’t help you much 🙂 . The website where my friend bought it describes it as having a long-lasting spiciness as well as a fruity character. That describes it pretty well, and if you click on the link above you’ll see the berries of this pepper are used as a spice known as voatsiperifery, which originates from the Malagasy word for fruit.

I’m going to order my own pack of these delicious peppercorns, and I can highly recommend trying them, even though they don’t come cheap. I wouldn’t use them to put in any old dish, though, but use a mortar & pestle to softly pound them and enjoy them sprinkled over a good steak or pork tenderloin.