Living – The Black & White Collection

Living - B+W Plates

Over the last few years, I’ve accumulated quite a few small plates. It started out with one or two per year, solely for blogging purposes because a single plate will often do in a food shot.

Then I realised that not only do I have enough to use as starter plates for a dinner party but they also go quite well together, despite their different patterns or colours. Somewhere in my subconscious I must have had a note that said “only add stuff to your existing pile that fits either colour- or pattern-wise”.

Two years ago I brought home the black & white plate in the middle of this pic from a US trip, but I only used it once for a food shot because pattern can be really tricky; you don’t want to distract the viewer from the food, and you also don’t want to hurt their eyes with the mix of food and pattern…

Last week I bought two more black & white plates, and when I put them away I realised I now had six black & white patterned ones – again, enough to use for a dinner for six as well as being able to do a black & white table decoration theme. Ha – it looked like I had a collection!

I did not consciously decide to make this a collection, though. It just seemed that suddenly pretty black & white plates where available in different shops, and it was about a year and a half from owning one plate to suddenly having six.

I think I’m done “collecting” now – space is a real issue here. How about you? Do you collect crockery, china, tea cups…? If so, do you just collect them or do you actually use them?