Ginger & Garlic Roasted Carrots On Lamb’s Lettuce & Buckwheat With Blood Orange & Mint Dressing

This post title is very long, but it lives up to it’s name. As usual this salad came about in a non-straight way. I read the word buckwheat somewhere and thought I could use it in a salad so it’s more filling. I like the lamb’s lettuce we get at the market at the moment, and I also got loose and small violet carrots at the grocery store so I decided to roast them and put them on top of the salad.

Violet Carrot Salad 01

I’m never good with dressings, which made me especially happy I found these variations on citrus dressings at The Kitchn. I love everything citrus, and blood orange & mint dressing sounded good for the salad I had in mind.

It was actually more than good, I love this dressing, and it goes perfectly with my salad. The salad itself was exactly how I had envisioned it. Although the buckwheat stuck together a bit after cooking, it was easy to comb through it with a big fork and loosen it up. The carrots – just scrubbed instead of peeled – I rubbed with a quite large amount of olive oil, grated ginger, sliced garlic and a shredded chili, then roasted them. I decided last minute to add halloumi cheese to the salad for substance.

Violet Carrot Salad 02

This salad is made quite quickly, the only thing you really need to prep is the marinade for the carrots for roasting and the dressing.

I’m very happy to say I have leftovers, and I’ll be taking them to work for lunch tomorrow! As usual, one of my criteria for a successful recipe is whether I would serve it to guests, and I most definitely would.

Violet Carrot Salad 03

Ginger & Garlic Roasted Carrots On Lamb's Lettuce & Buckwheat With Blood Orange & Mint Dressing

150 g lamb’s lettuce
500 g buckwheat
1 tsp salt
12 small violet carrots
30 ml olive oil
1 small shredded red chili
1 garlic clove, very thinly sliced
2 cm piece ginger, grated
1 piece halloumi cheese
blood orange & mint dressing (you’ll need 1/3 of this, the rest is for other use)

In a non-stick pot, cover the buckwheat with water, add 1 tsp salt and bring to boil. After about 10 minutes, reduce heat to medium. You’ll need to watch this a bit and very likely add more water, but only a little at a time, otherwise it will get mushy. Take off the heat and set aside once buckwheat is soft and all water has boiled away. Leave to cool.

Scrub carrots under cold water, cut off ends and place on a baking tray. Mix together olive oil, chili, garlic and ginger, pour over the carrots and mix well so all the carrots are well coated. Bake in oven on middle shelf at 200°C/400°F for 20 minutes, take out and turn carrots, then return to oven for a further 10 minutes at 180°C/350°F. Remove and let cool slightly. [When you find the sliced garlic gets too burned at the turning point, scrape it off and set aside, then add to the salad later.]

While the carrots are in the oven, prepare the dressing, then cut halloumi cheese into thick slices.

Arrange lamb’s lettuce on a serving plate, sprinkle generously with buckwheat and top with the carrots.

In a non-stick frying pan, heat the halloumi until browned on one side, turn for 2 minutes, then quickly pick apart while it’s soft and distribute on top of the salad. Serve with the blood orange & mint dressing.

Violet Carrot Salad 04