Advocaat Panna Cotta

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Every year just around Christmas time seems to be flying, especially if you’re intent on getting just this or that done before the holidays or absolutely want to try a new recipe. Once Christmas is over, there we go again in a rush to gear up for the next big party – New Year’s Eve.

And today I’m using New Year’s Eve as an excuse a good reason to give you a new version of panna cotta, one of my favourite desserts, thereby ending the year on a happy culinary note. As I’ve often said, this wonderful dessert is well suited both for a party buffet as well as a cultivated dinner party. On top of that, it’s done in 15 minutes and can then go in the fridge to set, so it can be prepared way ahead. Quick, delicious, festive – what’s not to like!?

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Speaking of festive – Advocaat to me has a festive touch. For some people (at least here in Germany) it has the reputation of being a drink senior citizens might indulge in at their coffee meetings, just like sherry has in other countries. Nevertheless, I’ve had this Advocaat panna cotta on my to do list for a while and am more than happy to have finally gotten round to it.

I usually work with 500 ml cream for 4 servings of panna cotta, however, I’ve had these little glass dishes sitting in my cupboards that I wanted to use – they originally contained shop bought desserts that my sister purchased, and she thought I might want to keep the dishes. They’re really great, as the portions aren’t too big, which is good because people usually don’t want a big dessert after a big dinner.

So I reduced the amount of cream from 500 ml to 350 ml and along with that the number of gelatine leaves from 4 to 3. If you like bigger servings, go with 500 ml cream and 4 gelatine leaves.

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OK, so on to the most important thing – how does it taste? Very, very good! Admittedly I knew before making this that nothing much could go wrong, and of course it didn’t. The amount of Advocaat I used is perfect, you can very well taste it. You can decorate this dessert with many things, I used a few drops of Advocaat drizzled on top, added some smashed burned almonds and then remembered that I had some chocolate decorations in the freezer. I’m 100 % content with the results here and would make this again any time.

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Advocaat Panna Cotta

  • Servings: 4
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350 ml cream
50 g sugar
½ vanilla bean
3 gelatine leaves (total of approx. 1 g)
75 g Advocaat + a few drops extra
decorations such as chocolate or burned almonds (optional)

Soak gelatine leaves in cold water. Meanwhile add cream to a small pot, add the sugar, cut the vanilla bean in half lengthways and scrape out the seeds, then add both seeds and bean to the cream. Stir well and heat until it starts boiling, then turn down heat to a medium and let simmer for 12 minutes.

Take from heat and set aside. Squeeze all water from the soaking gelatine leaves, then quickly stir into the still hot cream with a whisk. Next add the Advocaat, whisk in, then divide the mixture among 4 moulds. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours, or overnight.

Before serving, decorate each serving with a few drops of Advocaat, smashed burned almonds, and/or chocolate decorations.

NOTE: Thank you to Frugal Hausfrau for sending me a link to how to make Advocaat if it’s not available where you live! Here’s the link to the DIY recipe.

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