Flowers For WordPress

When my stats suddenly spike and it’s not due to the latest post I get suspicious. I go check the referrer section in WordPress but this time the referrer was the WP Reader, which can only mean one thing – Freshly Pressed!

So my first THANK YOU goes to the unknown editor at WordPress who chose my Apple, Walnut & Marzipan Pies to be FreshlyPressed. I’m still amazed to get picked when it happens, and I always wonder how it works, if with tons of posts being published on WP every second they have people assigned to trawl through the different categories and look for content. If someone has an answer, let me know!

This not being my first FP, I now know what to expect – hundreds (literally!) of new followers who will never visit my blog again, among the comments will be lots of spam and self-promotion that I need to weed through, but the REWARD is that I also get to meet new bloggers, find amazing blogs that I wish I’d discovered before, and that among those anonymous/fake hundreds are a few handfuls that will return and hopefully interact.

It also makes me happy to “know” most of my real FOLLOWERS, be it people who have been with me/this blog from the beginning or new FELLOW BLOGGERS and READERS, be it COMMENTERS or “silent” followers [I’m a silent follower, too, mostly, even though I read a lot of blogs!]. THANK YOU for accompanying me on this fun blogging journey! Sometimes I’m amazed to realise I’ve been blogging for over 5 years…

Flowers For WP

I also wanted to say THANK YOU to WordPress. If this sounds weird to you, let me explain: so often in the forums I read about people being unhappy or discontent with what WP offers; from the very beginning of my blogging days I couldn’t believe all this was actually for free. Yes, there will be the occasional ad visible to my readers, or I won’t particularly like some of the features they introduce, but that’s how it works, and I still get everything for free.

For the first few years I actually felt a little bad because I didn’t have to pay for anything (I know… 🙄 ); I’ve considered many times to use a theme that’s not free; however, I’m totally content with what my free theme has to offer, it’s perfect for my purpose and lets me do what I need. I also know that if my needs should change, WP constantly brings out new free themes to choose from.

The one thing I was worried about in the beginning was the media upload limit of 3GB. I was always concerned that within the next year or so I’d have to buy upgrade space. The other week, just for fun, I looked at how much space I’ve used up in the last 5 years, and it made me realise that if I keep on posting at my current frequency I will reach the 3GB limit in about FIFTEEN YEARS! Hopefully you’ll all still be with me then! 😀

Thanks for checking in!