Halloween Macarons

Halloween Macarons

OK, so I could have posted this yesterday but admittedly I simply forgot! Just wanted to show you a test batch of Halloween macarons I made the other week because I was asked to bring some to a party.

As you can see I didn’t pay too much attention to the shells being smooth because it was only a quick test run; however, the proper ones I took to the party were slightly cracked, which in the end was in my favour because it was Halloween after all, and they looked like they were cracked on purpose 🙂

Filling for these was peppermint butter cream, and for last night I also made black ones with orange coloured passionfruit filling; I loved both of them but the peppermint is more of a surprise when you take your first bite.

It was quite fun to make themed macarons, I’ll be trying that out again for other holidays. And I’ll definitely make sure the shells look just a liiiiittle more presentable…