Spicy Sabzi Salad

So I’m back sooner than I thought I would be, even though I’m not through with my photography experiments, nor have I found (my personal) perfection in picture taking (yet). The reason for my early comeback is this salad that has become a staple this past month, and I wanted to share it with you. During a walk through Boston in September a friend took me to Sweet Greens, which I perceived as a kind of salad paradise. After much indecision, we both went for the Spicy Sabzi salad. Sabzi means vegetables, and I liked the mix of ingredients, plus it did not contain my most hated salad ingredient – arugula (rocket). You wouldn’t believe the things people put arugula in; guess you only notice if, like me, you really despise it…

Spicy Sabzi Salad 01

Luckily the restaurant displays all the ingredients each salad contains as well as the dressing ingredients, so my plan was to recreate this delicious salad at home. What I loved about it was that it was crunchy, spicy, and consisted of things that I probably wouldn’t have thought of using together, like the quinoa and the salad greens. I’ve also never had the urge to try kale before but it tasted alright in this mix (although I still don’t get the hype).

The salad ingredients are: romaine (which I substituted with iceberg), baby spinach leaves, crunchy kale, spicy broccoli, roasted smoked tofu, carrots, and spicy quinoa. The latter I cooked in water seasoned with a chilli & lime rub, and for the spicy broccoli I added a few dashes of Sriracha sauce to the cooking water. You can cut up the ingredients any which way you like. I had just bought a micro plane grater and used that to grate the carrot; I loved that it made the carrot gratings turn out very fine and soft. The tofu was diced, then fried in a little oil until browned.

Spicy Sabzi Salad 03

My dressing of choice was lime, coriander & jalapeño. For this I used lime zest and juice, chopped coriander and a little bit of chopped jalapeño. As my tongue rebels when fed too much acid, I added mild balsamic vinegar to the mix, which made the dressing a little gentler but kept both the heat from the jalapeño and the citrusy taste.

After having made this several times, I’ve now come to prepping a good amount of each ingredient and keeping it in separate containers in the fridge, then chucking it all together as required. That makes it a quick meal without hassle both to take for lunch at work as well as a healthy dinner when I’m not in the mood to cook after work. It’s also definitely something that I would serve guests.

Spicy Sabzi Salad 02