Food Props – Spoons

After the prop paradise at the food photography workshop I decided to take inventory of what I have at home. Remember when I showed you an assortment of little bowls in my Living series? Well, there seems to be an inordinate amount of bowls in my cupboards, but they’re not all I’ve got.

After decluttering and reorganising my kitchen drawers I realised I have a small spoon collection as well. And that’s not counting my everyday cutlery or the two sets of silver cutlery inherited from my grandmothers. For most of what you can see below I have sets of 4 or 6.

At the workshop I was thinking I needed to go the flea market back home to find some new pieces but I’m really picky with regards to flea market stuff as you never know where it’s been…

Seeing my little collection here, though, I think I’m all set for spoons. For now…

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