Food Photo Day

Diptych - Figs

Last weekend I went to a place I don’t usually frequent – it’s a place that sells unique items for around the house like unusual office stuff, kitchen gadgets, and specialty food items. The shop is combined with a café / deli that sells a small selection of cheeses from around the world (not your everyday supermarket products), cold meats, pastry, and bread. The reason I don’t go there often is that it’s in the city, about a 20 minute drive, and that I’d end up in the poorhouse because what they sell is quite pricey.

On a whim I bought 3 kinds of cheeses and some walnut bread (the best I’ve ever tasted), and then at the market afterwards I got some olives, aubergine paste and fresh figs.

I don’t buy figs often, but they called to me, and having gone out in the morning without breakfast, by the time I got home all these ingredients made for a delicious impromptu lunch.