Mastering The Macaron

Last weekend, after many years of procrastinating, I finally mastered the macaron. Although mastered is probably a bit of bragging, which I really should not be doing as it might have been beginner’s luck.

At a baking workshop about two years ago, one group made macarons, and the teacher constantly drilled into them that getting macarons right is a science, you had to weigh the egg white and lots of such things that made me think trying could only lead to failure. Weighing the egg whites. Who does that?

Raspberry Macarons 02

Turns out it isn’t necessary at all. I dug out a little recipe booklet I own, and their description of making macarons sounded like the easiest thing ever. And it was – because I stuck to the very simple recipe making rosewater macarons.

Raspberry Macarons 04

Then this weekend I had a total failure because I got overconfident and accidentally skipped a step. Okay, on to the next batch. Perfect. But then I buggered up the buttercream filling. So I gave myself a stern talking to, demanding of myself that I focus on what I was doing, and everything was fine.

Raspberry Macarons 03

I stuck to the recipe 100 % for the shells, but for the buttercream it asked for a mix of raspberries and raspberry syrup, and as I didn’t have the latter I added a bit of violet syrup instead. The result not only looks lovely but tastes great, too. My intention is to take the macarons to work tomorrow, but I find myself sneaking to the fridge to have just one more. Who knows what will be left in the morning…

Raspberry Macarons 01b

So with my fear of making macarons now overcome, and with the reminder that some things require staying focused on, I know that macarons will make a regular appearance in this kitchen and am already thinking of flavours to try.