Passion Fruit Ice Cream

Passion Fruit Ice Cream 01

As you probably gathered from the lack of food posts these past couple of weeks, I’m still not much in the mood for cooking.

However, last night I had friends over for dinner – the Italian dinner, post to follow soon – and decided to have two small desserts. One was my all time favourite panna cotta (what better excuse than an Italian dinner to make panna cotta again!) and ice cream.

Passion Fruit Ice Cream 03

As I’m currently quite smitten with passion fruit, both desserts were flavoured with it. For the ice cream I used the usual cream & icing sugar basis and added passion fruit. So easy and so gratifying!

To portion the ice cream, I used 2 cl plastic schnapps glasses and stuck lolly sticks in them. Although I only needed 7 portions, I used the full 250 ml cream – so I now have lots of ice cream snacks in my freezer, yummy!

Passion Fruit Ice Cream 02

Yummy is exactly how the ice cream turned out. I love it! The sweet cream combined with the tart passion fruit tastes amazing. I used both the pulp and the seeds of the passion fruit which makes for an unusual experience for the taste buds.ย  I will definitely make this again.

ย Passion Fruit Ice Cream 04

Passion Fruit Ice Cream

  • Servings: 18
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250 ml cream
160 ml icing sugar
8 passion fruit
18 plastic schnapps glasses
18 lolly sticks

Pour cream into a large bowl, then sieve icing sugar into it. Mix with a whisk, then add the pulp and seeds of the passion fruit.

Whip the mixture with a handheld mixer until thick and smooth but not stiff.

Set the plastic schnapps glasses on a small baking tray and distribute the cream mixture between them, filling the glasses to the rim. Freeze for 45 minutes [by then the mixture will have set a little] then stick a lolly stick into the middle of each glass. Freeze overnight.

To eat, hold the plastic glasses under warm water until you can easily pull the ice cream from them.

Passion Fruit Ice Cream 05