Food Photo Day

Diptych - Melons

I had bought a galia and a cantaloupe melon and only realised on opening the fridge that there still were half of each type in there… So I used a melon baller on them and placed the balls flat on a freezer tray.

As we’re currently having a heat wave, which makes you want to – and need to – drink a lot of water, I’m suffering from a little water fatigue. So I keep coming up with lots of different ways to infuse it – mint, citrus fruit, apple slices, raspberries, passion fruit… – and this time I added the frozen melon balls to the water and a couple of fresh mint leaves.

If you leave the frozen melon balls in the water for about 15 minutes, they’ll give off their flavour to the water, and once they have thawed you can pick them from your glass and eat them.