Living – Little Food Mishaps

The other week at my friend’s birthday party I went at a pomegranate using the wooden spoon method to get the kernels out; I’m sure you know the method – holding a pomegranate half cut side down in one hand while using the other to beat it with a wooden spoon so the kernels pop out. This can be a mess and your kitchen can be covered in red splotches afterwards but I was holding it very low in the deep sink and wasn’t worried.

A while later I noticed red splotches on my beige and black striped shirt. Needless to say that most of the splotches had landed on the beige stripes. I tried to wash them off with washing up liquid and water, but it didn’t work.

Then another guest said she had a great way of removing such stains, and it worked so well I wanted to share her method with you. She always uses it with red berries because her children’s clothes are often covered in berry stains. She wasn’t sure it would work in my case because I had already been at it with the washing up liquid but it was worth a try.

DFN - Living - Red Splotch Removal

The very simple secret is to soak the piece of clothing – or the parts that got stained – in a little milk. So I filled a muesli bowl with some milk, put in the splotchy bits of my shirt, and left it to soak overnight. The next morning the milk had been soaked up by my shirt, and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw all the pomegranate splotches were gone! [Although it felt a little weird not to know where exactly they had gone 🙂 ]

I rinsed the shirt under running water to get most of the milk out – it’ll take a bit for the milky hue to disappear, you need to rinse until the water comes out clear – and then just put it through a normal wash cycle. You have to wash the piece of clothing in the washing machine asap – otherwise you’ll get an unpleasant stench of gone-off milk!

Did you know about this trick already? Or are you as impressed as I was?